A clay horse

Recently, many people subordinate their lives to the Chinese calendar. And the year of the horse comes on January 31.
The blue horse is a talisman and should bring good luck for a year. Especially if it is made by hand.
 horses are made by themselves
It's easiest to make such a talisman from clay. It is best to buy special gray clay for this purpose.
 gray clay for modeling
It is perfectly molded, dries well and is colored. It can even be burned to make the product stronger. To make a horse, you need to take clay, a stack for clay or a regular knife to cut pieces of clay.
 clay pieces
Pour some water into a plate wet hands.
wet hands
It is also desirable to make the so-called glue for better connection of parts.To do this, dissolve some clay in a small amount of water to a creamy state.
 creamy state
The horse is made of individual parts, which are connected with clay" glue ". We start with the body. Cut off a small piece of clay, mash it and roll up the thick sausage.  roll the thick sausage
You need to put the surface of the surface well with your fingers to make it smooth.

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