Coffee Body Scrub

Scrubs are a popular cosmetic skin care product, especially when it comes to the presence of cellulite. With the help of this tool you can give the skin elasticity, raise its tone, improve blood flow and cleanse of particles of dead cells. Producers every year produce more new products, so that every woman had the opportunity to use exactly the means that best suits her personally. But it's much easier to make a body scrub yourself. It does not need a lot of time and money - the main thing is to have the desire. For example, you can make a scrub from coffee. In addition to his basic actions, he is able to invigorate the skin and give it an amazing aroma for the whole day. To prepare such a scrub you need to take: • a bowl spoons; • hot water - 50 ml; • honey - 2 tablespoons; • red pepper ground - 1 gram; • essential oils - 3 drops.
Coffee Body Scrub
First you need to pour hot water over coffee so that it gets a bit worn out.Leave to infuse for 2 minutes. For scrub, you can take not only ordinary coffee, but also used coffee grounds. In this case, it does not have to be steamed, if the scrub is prepared immediately after the coffee is drunk.
 Coffee Body Scrub
After that, honey is added to the coffee bowl and mix well.
Coffee body scrub
Red pepper is added to the formed coffee-honey mass. By the way, it plays an important role when the scrub is used to fight cellulite. If it is prepared for the face, then it is better not to add red pepper.
 Coffee Body Scrub
After mixing, add essential oils. To make this scrub, tea tree oil and orange oil were taken.  Coffee Body Scrub
Ready scrub is applied to the body with soft circular motions. In problem areas it is recommended to increase the pressure and massage the skin for up to 10 minutes. After this, the scrub is washed off with warm water and a cream is applied to the body.
Coffee Scrub for body

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