Colorful aprons from what is on hand

An apron is necessary for every hostess. Not only does it protect home clothes from stains and drops, it can be used to tune in to cooking. There are many styles of useful kitchen accessory, choose the one that will emphasize your preferences. Maybe it will be something original, laconic chef's apron or something in the style of your favorite movie? And you can indulge in all serious things and decorate your kitchen attire with ribbons and lace!

The simplest models can be divided into three categories: single-cut, with a detachable bib and without a bib. The choice may depend on the amount of loose fabric you have, because this item is often sewn from patches.

The scheme of sewing an apron is very simple, it is not for nothing that it is with the manufacture of this thing that they often begin learning how to cut and sew. Take measurements and get to work!

If necessary, you can change the length and shape of individual elements. Do not be lazy to sew several items at once if you are cooking every day.

Choose the most convenient in your opinion apron scheme. A beginner is better to pay attention to the simplest models.

After you have dealt with the cut, start decorating your creation. Sew a set of aprons for mom and daughter, or just realize all your wildest fantasies.

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