Concrete in the interior: how to make fashionable walls in your apartment

How to realize the idea of ​​a concrete wall

If your house is built of reinforced concrete structures, do not hesitate to defiantly open concrete walls. Believe me, typical concrete high-rise buildings are also an architectural heritage, so why not emphasize it? Technically, all you need is to rip off all the paint, wallpaper and plaster, exposing the concrete, and then cover it with special protective agents for concrete and stone.

And what about those who have walls built from a different material? Simulate concrete.

You can, of course, use wallpaper and other materials with a print "under the concrete", but these walls will not look very serious. But there are options.

Loggia recommends: decorative plaster "under the concrete"

Acrylic and mineral plasters on the basis of cement, lime, marble and other natural components come to the rescue. Masters of decorative coatings apply these types of finishes, obtaining a characteristic concrete texture, even form artificial seams of formwork and other "flaws" of the surface.After that, with the help of thickening finishing coatings, the surfaces give additional properties of protection against dirt and moisture, as well as additional color effects.

So you want a “natural” concrete surface or glam concrete with a light golden sheen, or maybe you need a concrete wall of a particular shade or even color — anything is possible with decorative plaster.

In addition, each type of "decorative" with the effect of concrete has additional properties. For example, Loggia hellenica plaster contains cellulose fibers, which gives sound-absorbing qualities to the wall (the neighbors will not hear your music lessons), and the marble Marmo romano has particular durability and is not afraid of a wet environment - this is the ideal “concrete” for bathrooms and corridors.

Decorative plasters are a very practical coating, they last longer than wallpaper and paints, allow you to create a variety of effects, and nowadays they are already quite inexpensive.

Concrete walls in the interior of the apartment is an unusual and always interesting move. In this case, such a design can look very impressive.

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