Crafting rowan in kindergarten

Coral clusters of mountain ash - one of the most impressive, expressive decorations of the autumn, a kind of its distinctive sign. They can be a good topic for creating an autumn craft in a kindergarten or at home.

The pockmarking of mountain ash in a kindergarten can be made from a wide variety of creative materials and in a variety of techniques. We suggest trying to create your own sprig of rowan from thin colored paper or napkins.

 How to make a rowan with a child

How to make a rowan with a child

What will be needed to create crafts: a rowan tree branch (only its dried leaves, which can be prepared in summer), thin transparent colored paper, glue, album sheet, brush and paints.

If available there is no previously prepared rowan branch, it can be replaced thread with another plant with a similar leaf shape.

 Sprig of Rowan

Sprig of Rowan

Getting Started.

Drawing on the album list the stem of the branch, using a simple pencil and paints.The handicraft will look more interesting if several stems are sent in different directions. Separately, we draw the base of a bunch of berries.

With glue, we attach rowan leaves to our petiole, positioning them as they are located on a real rowan branch, that is, opposite each other, from a smaller size to a larger one, and again on reduction.

Now you need to stick to our branch berries. But first, we will make them out of thin paper.

We tear off a piece of paper and roll it into an even ball - it turns out one berry. We try to tear off pieces of the same size so that the berries do not differ from each other. We make as many berries as we need.

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