Crafts for Mother's Day in Kindergarten

In order to keep the work of art always arouse children's interest, you should try to think of the most appropriate topic for it. For example, in the fall, all the kids will be happy to make unusual crafts for Mother's Day. In kindergarten, it is most convenient to use colored paper for making them - this is the simplest and most accessible material that does not require special skills from children.

 Crafts for mother's day in kindergarten

Crafts for Mother's Day in kindergarten

As an alternative to crafts for Mother's Day in kindergarten paper, you can make an amazingly beautiful ball gown. Any mother will be happy if the baby gives her such an unusual and very unexpected surprise.

What is needed:

  • thick white paper;
  • thin color (tissue ) paper that can be bought for a kindergarten by a roll;
  • cardboard;
  • a simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue; li>
  • silver tape or narrow paper tape.

To begin with, we make a dress template by drawing it on cardboard.In shape, it resembles a thin-waisted matryoshka with a round neckline at the top.

 Dress Template

Dress Template

Now fold in half a sheet of white paper and apply a pattern to it so that its top edge coincides with the fold of the sheet. We circle, cut out, unfold. It turns out the basis of the dress. For kids, we prepare in advance such a framework to simplify the task.

 Cut the template and fold in half

Cut out the template and fold in double

Proceed to manufacture skirts. To do this, cut out a rectangular piece of thin paper. Its width should be a little more than the height of the bottom of our blank, and any length can be made.

Gently fold this piece of paper in an accordion.

Harmonica from thin paper

An accordion made of thin paper

We glue the resulting accordion to the bottom of the base, bending the top edge outward to make the skirt more lush.

Attach the accordion

 Bend the paper

Bend paper

 Stick to the dress on the fold line

Glue to the dress on the fold line

 The skirt is ready

The skirt is ready

By the same principle we make out a dress on the other hand. If you want, you can leave the dress unilateral.

It only remains to glue a thin silver belt from the braid or paper tape - and the product is ready!

 Bright Ribbon

Bright Ribbon

You can decorate the upper part with patterns or decorative elements, but the dress will be very beautiful and without additions.

 Dresses made of paper for mom Paper Dresses for Mom

Having learned how to make such crafts for mother's day in kindergarten with their own hands, the child thereby learns how to work with thin colored paper, scissors, and glue.And if desired, he can use such crafts as a basis for making paper dolls.

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