Crafts made from cones and acorns with your own hands

Autumn crafts made from acorns and cones arouse genuine interest among the children, especially children who live far from the forest and rarely meet these materials in wildlife. By making crafts from cones and acorns, children are given the opportunity to examine these fruits well, to remember what they are to the touch. This process is obtained not only creative, but also cognitive, developing.

 Handicraft of cones and acorns with your own hands

Handicrafts of cones and acorns with your own hands

Making crafts will be even more interesting if the child collects all the necessary components himself during a specially organized excursion. Suggest him to choose the brightest and most attractive gifts of the forest, and then help to turn them into an elegant craft.

 Forest gifts

Forest gifts

An unusual craft made of cones and acorns with your own hands can be made with glue, bright autumn leaves,beads and lumps of red and white wool for felting.

 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

First of all, we roll a ball of white wool. You can first lightly moisten the lump - then you will work in the technique of wet felting, and you can leave it dry and roll into the ball with a crochet hook. The hook clings to the wool with the edge of the lump, after which it kneels as if in its center. You will need to attach a red wool stretched into a layer to a white lump.

 Head made of wool

Head made of wool

With red wool, we wrap a white lump in such a way as to make it look like a head covered with long hair. The longer the layer of red wool, the longer the hair on the head.

 Red Hair Hair

Red Hair

Above we put a cap from an acorn.

 Acorn cap

Acorn cap

Now we take a pine cone with a rather long tail.

Pine Cone

Pine cone

Glue two dry leaflets to the side surface of the cone.

Paste dry leafletsGlue dry leaves

Attach our head to it. For reliability, fix the glue. We get the silhouette of a girl with wings. We attach beads on top of her cap - like pompoms.

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