Creative elephant on the wall

In each house there is an empty wall that you want to decorate with something. Hanging photos is already out of fashion, and the purchase of expensive store decor is not always enough money. In this case, the decoration made by yourself will fit. Decorating the interior with your own hands brings twice as much value. After all, this is not only saving personal budget, but also obtaining moral satisfaction. You can manually adjust the size or color of the decoration that fits perfectly into the design of the room.
 Creative elephant on the wall with your own hands
Making an unusual elephant hack is easy and just at home. Required materials and tools: • Flour. • Salt. • Water. • • Tempera paints. • • Paintbrush. • Bast for dishes. • Twine or decorative straw. Cooking dough. Material, and from which the elephant is made - the well-known salty dough.There are many recipes for it, so we will use the simplest and most optimal. A lot of salt is needed for kneading the dough. We take 1 cup of rock salt and 1.5 cups of white flour. Add 0.5 cups of tap water and knead the dough. It should not stick to the fingers and will be sufficiently plastic if you knead it well. We sculpt the elephant. We roll out the dough to a thickness of 0.7 cm and cut out the future of the elephant's body with a knife. We form eyes, trunk, ear, legs from the cut part and roll stones for the decoration of the city. To obtain small items, you can use everything that is on hand, for example, a cap from a ballpoint pen. All these parts are stuck to the torso of an elephant, soaking with some water at the joints of the parts. Apply visual creases and wrinkles with a knife. In the upper part of the body, we make two holes for the rope.
 Creative elephant on the wall with your own hands
Drying the product. Drying is better in a warm place , but not on the battery, otherwise the picture will crack and crumble. Under natural conditions, the period of complete drying is from three to four.days You can periodically dry the elephant in the oven at a low temperature, otherwise the dough will simply be baked. This will speed up the drying process. Paint the picture. Tempera paints are ideal in this case, but you can use other matte gouaches. Watercolor tends to give gloss and will stick to hands. First paint over the whole picture with purple or lilac paint. Then take a wet washcloth and wash out the paint on the convex parts of the product. The main rule is not to soak up the workpiece.
 Creative elephant on the wall with your own hands
After complete drying, decorate the rest of the parts with all sorts of colors. For different shades mix different colors, feel free to show imagination and experiment. From above the main tones we make prints with a piece of washcloth dipped in the necessary paint. Thus, blotches of red, pink, orange are obtained. You can decorate the elephant to match the wallpaper or furniture and interior elements.
 Creative elephant on the wall with your own hands
We hang onwall. Since the paint dries quickly, you can immediately pass a rope or a beautiful ribbon into the holes on the back of an elephant and hang a picture. For greater confidence in the fortress of crafts, it is recommended to glue a piece of cloth on the back side. This will not allow the product to crack or break during operation. You will have such an exclusive picture only in a unique and unique version. The elephant made with your own hands will successfully and creatively decorate the empty wall and fill the house with comfort and warmth from your hands.

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