Girl’s Crochet Top

Light top "Bright summer" will be a favorite thing in the wardrobe of a young fashionista. It is better to knit it from a yarn with a natural basis: from cotton or flax. In combination with a fairly openwork pattern, you will get an airy, body-friendly and very nosky outfit.
Top for girls crocheted
The crochet top for the girl
The top knit from top to bottom with a single cloth, without seams: a coquette in the forward and backward direction, and the lower part in one direction. To make the shoulder line somewhat sloping, the pattern consists of alternating rows of columns and double crochets.
Top for girls crocheted
Crochet top for girl
Cotton Cotton batik yarn with a composition of 55% cotton 45% acrylic and a thread thickness of 330 m / 100 g was used for the sample. This is a sectional dyeing yarn with long curtains. For this stamp, monotonous yarn will also go well. The hook # 2 was used, the cloth was weighed out with medium density. The description corresponds to the size of 34-36, the height of 134 cm. To start knitting you need to dial 143 air. 3 loops hinges. The distribution of loops will be as follows: 17 loops left and right parts of the back, 35 loops of the sleeves and a front and 4 corner loops. The raglan angle is formed by knitting two columns from one corner loop of the base, with one air loop between them. The upper part of the coquette is knitted according to the scheme 1.
Top for a girl crocheting
After knitting in a circle 16-20 rows (in sample 16), then knit separately in front and separately in the back. For the back, connect the left and right parts into a single canvas and knit the columns in the forward direction with capes, in the opposite column with no crochet. To expand the canvas at the end and at the beginning of a row, knit 2 columns each from one loop of the base. Knit 16-18 rows. Before knitting is similar to the back. The lower part of the top is matched according to scheme 2.
Crochet top for a girl
If the yoke turned out to be small, less than a chest girth, you need to tighten the loops on the sides, connecting the front loops with a chain of air loops of the required length in front and back. If the width of the front and back corresponds to the chest half-grip,simply connect them and continue knitting. The row should begin with 3 air lift loops instead of the first post, and end with a connecting post. Knit the bottom of the top in a circle to the desired length.
Top for the little girl crocheted
To keep the top well kept in shape and sit down on the figure, tie the gate and armholes with columns without a crochet. The top is enough to tie one row of columns. On the upper corner of one of the back halves, you can tie a buttonhole of 3-4 air loops. Tie a hole through with 4-5 rows of crochets. At the same time, at the inner corners of the armhole, for example, at the lowest point, knit one column of two loops of the base, thus seating the top on the figure.
Top for a girl crocheting
To change the size of the top, type more or less loops in the initial chain. It is important to adhere to this proportion: 1 part for each half of the back, 2 parts for the sleeves and in front, plus 4 corner loops. You can also vary the number of knitted coquette rows. There are variants of a top with a narrow shoulder (as on a sample) or with a small deflated sleeve, if you increase the number of rows tied in a coquette.

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