Dahlia hair clip

Hairpin Dahlia
An original and bright hairpin, made by own hands, will beautify the appearance of a small fashionista, complement the image with sophistication and zest. A hairpin can be created literally in 1 hour. To do this, you need: • Pink and green Foameran, • The hairpin bought from the store itself, • The glue gun.
Hairpin Hairpin
The first step is to prepare the details of the flower. Cut out about 20 petals in the shape of a heart and 3 small rectangular pieces (2 * 2 cm) to create stamens from a sheet of pink foameran. They are pre-cut with scissors, creating a fringed edge. From the green foameran we cut out the leaves of the future flower in an amount of 5-7 pieces.  Hairpin Hairpin
Next, all the details must be crumpled and twisted,so that the dahlia does not turn out to be flat and lifeless.
 Dahlia hair clip
We begin to fasten the details together. First we twist the incised rectangles into a tube, fix it with glue.
 Dahlia hair clip
To this center of the flower we glue all the petals, placing them in a checkerboard pattern.
Dahlia Hair Clip
We glue the leaves to the bottom of the resulting flower.
 Dahlia hair clip
It remains to connect the dahlia to the hair clip — also with glue.
 Dahlia Hair Clip
Our hairpin is ready. At will it can be decorated with beads, sparkles. In our case, the ends of the dahlia petals are painted with gold nail polish.
 Dahlia hair clip

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