Decoupage champagne

If you want to decorate your holiday table or if you want to make an original and inexpensive gift, then pay attention to this master class. We hope it will seem informative and interesting to you. Today we suggest you do decoupage of a bottle of champagne.  Decoupage of a bottle of champagne
We need: - any bottle of champagne - degreaser - self-adhesive paper - scissors - napkin for decoupage - adhesive for decoupage - acrylic white - sponge - acrylic paint for spot painting - brush for glue and varnish - varnish - tapes for decor - superglue - patience, a little time and good mood .
 We need
So, let's start with the fact that we need to prepare a bottle. We remove unnecessary labels from it and degrease it with an alcohol solution or acetone, or, as in my case, with ordinary nail polish remover.For easy removal of the label, you can place the bottle in a bucket of cold water overnight. In the morning you can easily remove the label if the champagne is of high quality.
 prepare a bottle
From any self-adhesive paper, cut a heart of arbitrary size.
cut the heart And gently sticking it on the bottle.
 glue it on the bottle
Attack Aim to bottle staining. For this we need acrylic paint and any sponge for makeup. Of course, you can purchase a special tool in art stores, but I decided to use the sponge, and the result met all expectations. Paint the bottle using the “pripokivaniya” method. It seems to me that the name of the method very succinctly explains the process itself. I will add only that the colors on the sponge need to be collected quite a bit and with frequent movements pripokvivayte bottle. That's what happened after applying the first layer.
 Getting Started to Paint a Bottle
Give it to dry,and put a second coat of paint and get a uniformly colored bottle.
 Letting it dry
I do not paint the bottom of the bottle. Agree, such bottles do not always open immediately. If you presented it to someone as a gift, then there is a high probability that this bottle will be set aside until a special occasion. Thus, leaving the bottom open, you allow bottle owners to control the safety of the drink. If precipitation occurs, the champagne will no longer be usable. After the paint is completely dry, and the acrylic paint dries very quickly, remove the self-adhesive paper.
 remove self-adhesive paper
We put small dots along the contour of the heart with paint for spot painting. By the way, here you can insert a photo of the person you plan to donate a bottle to.
 we put small dots on dot painting
Let's get down to work with a napkin. With our hands, gently tear off the edges of the napkin and separate the top layer. We put a napkin on the bottle, put glue on the middle of the napkin. Using a brush, gently expel the air, smooth out the napkin, gradually applying glue to the entire surface of the napkin. This process is painstaking, requiring attention and patience. Glue it on? Now disguise the edges of the napkin with white paint, sponge and light pripochivaniya around the edges of the napkin.
 Put the napkin on the bottle
Let's get down to the decor. On the neck of the bottle we glue a golden ribbon.
 mask the edges of the napkin
Add paint and volume to our colors by drawing some lines with the same paint for spot painting. And cover the bottle with several layers of varnish.
 sticking a golden ribbon
sticking a ribbon, as shown in the photo.
 Sticking tape
Add a bow and our bottle is ready. Photos from twosides.
Add a bow
 Decoupage of a bottle of champagne

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