Decoupage Tea House

Almost all women simply adore various things “to please the eyes” in their kitchen. A box for storing tea bags “Tea House” is exactly the “trick” that any housewife will be happy with. For making a tea house using the decoupage technique, we will need the following materials:
  • wooden preparation “Tea House ";
  • napkin;
  • artistic acrylic primer;
  • acrylic paints for creativity (blue, yellow, green (green foliage, brown);
  • bitumen (or burnt umber);
  • PVA office glue (or acrylic lacquer);
  • paraffin candle;
  • facet lacquer;
  • acrylic varnish for finish product coating;
  • brushes, foam sponges, masking tape, sandpaper, stationery file, “TEA” stencil.
For the manufacture of a tea house
The first step in decorating a wooden blank is sanding all side surfaces with sandpaper - finishing it upsmooth state. We remove all small chips and flaws, so that our workpiece is as smooth as possible. After sanding, cover the outer surfaces with an acrylic artistic primer.
we cover the external surfaces
If you are not going to decorate the internal surfaces, they can be not primed. After the primer has dried, you can once again walk with fine sandpaper to even out the coating thickness if the primer has been applied unevenly. To give the effect of “time”, the place of future “scuffs” we paint with brown acrylic paint, which in the future will show through the main color and create the same effect of antiquity.

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