Delicious Homemade Borscht

Everyone loves delicious homemade food. Traditional cuisine is always very tasty, satisfying and beautiful. Today I will teach you how to cook classic borscht, and you will understand that everyone can do it. An average saucepan, about four liters, will be needed: - beef bones with meat, - four large beets - eight medium-sized potatoes; - two carrots; - two large bulbs; - 3 tablespoons of tomato paste and two tablespoons of vinegar; - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil; >- your favorite greens and spices.  Delicious Homemade Borscht
First you need a decoction Use rich broth made from fleshy bones. When the meat from the bone begins to lag send the potatoes in the broth. We cut it into large lobules.
Delicious Homemade Borscht
While potatoes are being cooked, prepare the remaining vegetables. Carrots should be cut rather than grated, then it will give more flavor.
Delicious home borscht
Beetroot cut into large cubes. Getting started cook fry. In order for the vegetables to be filled with spices and acquire a pleasant taste and aroma, all of your favorite spices should be poured into butter first.
 Delicious Homemade Borscht
Slightly roasting the spices, throw the onions into the pan.
Delicious home borsch
Fry onions until slightly golden and then add carrots.
In usny homemade soup
Mix the vegetables in a frying pan, a little prisolit and cover. When the carrot slightly changes the color, you can add beetroot.
 Delicious home borscht
Fry everything under the lid. To borscht was a little bit sour, and the beets did not lose their rich color afterwards, add some tomato paste and vinegar to the roast. Mix everything in a separate bowl. We stir well and pour in the fry.
Delicious homemade borscht
Next, our frying should be a bit later. So that it does not burn out, add a few log ladles directly into the pan, directly from the pan.  Delicious Homemade Borscht Cover with lid and fry for ten minutes. When the broth with potatoes boils add salt to taste and pour the whole cabbage. To make it soft, it is important to add it to the broth at this stage.
 Delicious Homemade Borscht
At the moment when the potato becomes easy to break into a spoon, you can add roast to the broth.
Delicious Homemade Borscht
As soon as you start adding it, the color of the broth immediately begins to change. It is worth mixing all the contents of the pan and all its contents will immediately turn into a beautiful red color.
 Delicious Homemade Borscht
Cover with a lid and leave to boil for another 15-20 minutes.After that, add any finely chopped greens, turn off the gas and leave the soup under the lid to infuse.
 Delicious Homemade Borscht
Bon appetit!

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