Demodecosis of the skin

Demodecosis is not life threatening. Although it significantly reduces its quality. You may constantly suffer from itching. In addition, the tick often causes cosmetic defects. Your appearance can change a lot.

What can cause demodicosis? Disorders in the endocrine system, negative emotions and the constant use of low-quality cosmetics.

Keep in mind that the ailment being described is very contagious. It can be picked up through regular contact. If you are already infected with demodicosis, the course of the disease may worsen due to the effect on the skin in direct sunlight or excessive consumption of coffee.

In most cases, this disease visits the fair sex.

What may indicate the presence of demodicosis? At once we will say that it is extremely difficult to determine this disease. You can just take demodicosis for acne.

In this case, the pores will increase. Red spots are likely to appear on the face. The skin usually becomes bumpy.Many patients suffer from unbearable itching. If the parasite began to "settle down" at the eyelashes, then after a while they can fall out.

How is the described disease treated? Doctors use an integrated approach. If your eyelashes are affected, you will need the help of an ophthalmologist.

Patients are prescribed antiparasitic drugs. However, they provide only a temporary effect. After all, the parasite is characterized by adaptive abilities. Antimicrobial agents may also be recommended. To stabilize the production of sebum prescribe special cosmetics.

Review your diet. You need to forget about the consumption of salted, smoked and fat. Fruits and vegetables will be very useful for you now.

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