Toothy Dessert

Toothy Dessert

Your guests will simply tear to shreds from surprise, if you give them this truly awful, wonderful dessert. This dish will be remembered for a long time. Usually they do this for Halloween, but no one bothers to diversify boring everyday life and a little
Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherry

Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherry

Cherries are among the berries that rarely get into the dishes fresh, but they become an excellent filling, in addition to the basic taste. Ice cream is a neutral sweet product, there are no special delicacies. Cherries getting into the dairy
Banana ice cream on kefir

Banana ice cream on kefir

In hot summer days, of course, you need a stock of home-made ice cream, which will help both in the hot midday and on a warm lazy evening. But the common option on a heavy cream does not always suit.
Homemade ice cream recipe

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

The taste of this creamy ice cream can not be confused with - it is the taste of childhood. It turns out that making homemade ice cream is very simple. In its composition only natural and available ingredients. A variety of taste will help any seasonal berries.
Delicious Homemade Lollipops

Delicious homemade lollipops

Lollipops, the main ingredient of which is granulated sugar, is an amazingly tasty delicacy from our childhood. They can be given any shape, color and flavor, but the sugar base for several centuries remains unshakable. Transparent
Grapefruit Marmalade

Grapefruit Marmalade

Desserts based on natural citrus fresh and agar-agar are a good option for making homemade jelly sweets. Grapefruit enriches the taste of marmalade, gives it a spicy bitter bitterness and delicate aroma. The same principle can be done
Cranberry marmalade with spices

Cranberry marmalade with spices

Bright, mega-useful and very tasty marmalade, created on the basis of cranberries, fragrant spices and agar-agar. Such a delicacy can be given even to small children. This sweetness is a good substitute for purchased candies that contain artificial
Cake without baking cookies and bananas

Cake without baking cookies and bananas

For every celebration, every hostess has a recipe for his signature cake. But it often happens that there is no time left for cooking the main dishes and snacks, time and sometimes strength. That's when it comes to help
Candied Melon

Melon Candied

What to chew? Personally, I hear this question every day, more than once. Although, most likely, for most mummies he has become familiar. Sweets, cooked at home, with the store can not be compared, but sometimes that time is not enough,
Fruit Ice

Fruit Ice

Homemade ice lollies are much more beneficial than industrial products. You control the process from and to and you can be sure in the absence of harmful additives or chemical dyes. For thickening you can
Summer dessert for children and adults

Summer dessert for children and adults

What can surprise guests? All very simply make a summer and delicious dessert - fruit in chocolate. This dessert is good because it does not take much time to prepare it and is simple to perform. Adults and children will be delighted with such delicacies!
How to cook an air meringue?

How to cook air meringue?

Preparation of meringue will take about two hours, but it is best to leave the meringue to dry for another day. If the meringue is properly dried, then the core of the meringue is dry and non-sticky, it is easy to bite off and melt in your mouth. Meringue loved by adults and children,
Easter chocolate with chocolate tops

Chocolate-Top Easter Cheesecake

In the old monastic books and home culinary notebooks stored many recipes for festive Easter cottage cheese - "ogustevogo mlek." Any of them can be strictly observed or used as a source of inspiration. The simplest version is not
Delicious cake

Delicious “Anthill” cake

This is my favorite cake. In our family, "The Anthill" is prepared for a great mood.This is quite troublesome, but the result is always beyond praise. There is nothing tastier than a piece of this cake with a glass of cold milk.
Homemade bird's milk (sour cream)

Homemade bird's milk (sour cream jelly)

Of course, this is not an original recipe by a well-known dish, but it is very similar in taste. Preparing a dessert based on sour cream, it turns out extremely tender, light and airy. Served a la carte, in a glass or on dishes, if you take more
Orange Candied Butter

Orange Candied Butter

Cooking dried fruits in this way is a great solution to save money, and it is also a good solution for making a healthy product. This recipe is wonderful because absolutely all products are used and nothing
Deep-fried donuts

Deep-fried donuts

Recently, cooking has become my favorite pastime. Cooking new and interesting dishes fascinates me and allows me to relax. Think about how interesting is the process of transforming simple products into unusual and tasty dishes. When in
Handmade Apple Paste

Handmade Apple Paste

Autumn ripen apples in home gardens. Some housewives grow semi-wild little fruits, others have large but sour green fruits. We are faced with the question of how to process this huge amount of apples, which are not always sweet and tasty for
Kingly Pears

Royal Pears

Autumn time in addition to the long-awaited coolness pleases us with a new, rich harvest of fruits, berries, vegetables and fruits. One of which is a pear. Its useful properties are difficult to overestimate, and the variety of dishes in which it is used is not considered.
Sweet Tubes with Protein Sugar Cream

Sweet rolls with protein sugar cream

Sweet pastries are always a holiday for the family. Those housewives who often indulge the household with tasty treats know that with homemade products, tea drinking is doubly tastier and more desirable. This recipe of mouth-watering tubes with a gentle cream will surprise everyone for
Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam

One of the first and long-awaited summer berries ripen strawberries. For a short period of growth can not get enough taste of berries. Therefore, it is necessary to start harvesting strawberries for the winter as soon as possible in order to enjoy it in the future. There is
Homemade jelly candies made from apricots

Homemade Apricot Jelly Candy

Who said that useful should be expensive? In the season, anyone can make homemade sweets, at a price they will be much cheaper than shopping. Summer dessert is very easy to prepare. For homemade jelly candies you need a pack of gelatin, three pairs
Cherry cold soup

Cherry Cold Soup

Imagine that such soups are chosen not only by special gourmets. If you get bored with the everyday menu, you love berries, then this is a great opportunity to decorate your diet with a new dish. Baby will be delighted with it too! Why not! It
Ice cream based on three components without sugar and special equipment

Ice cream based on three components without sugar and special equipment

In the world of cooking a real boom of ice cream. Professionals do not cook gastronomic ice cream! Bacon and herring, tea and herbs, cactus and various types of alcohol cheeses become the basis of the "winter cold".

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