Battery desulfator from trash

Hello! It's quite possible to make a simple desulfator out of old and unnecessary things for 15 minutes, if you really know what to do and what to do. Any normal radio amateur has a lot of all kinds of electronic junk. And if you scratch the bottom of the barrel, then you can find everything you need. In principle, everything is available and interchangeable. So, lead batteries are subject to sulfation. This is the process by which the battery plates are coated with sulphate. From this phenomenon, the battery deteriorates in capacity and current. In order to get rid of sulphate deposits, I will expose the battery to high voltage at high frequency.
Battery desulfator from rubbish
I will take high voltage from the power supply board of the mercury lamp in the document scanner. How to find it in the scanner and connect, I will not show it, since it is individual for each scanner.
Desulfator battery from trash
At the tip of one of the high-voltage wires I connect a copper plate on the edges covered with an insulator.And the second high-voltage wire is screwed to the battery terminal.

We proceed to restore the battery

After that, we supply power to the 12-volt board.Warning! Dangerous stress!
Battery desulfator from rubbish
Now you need to clamp the plate on the second battery terminal so that there is no direct contact. And the current passed along the shortest spark arc.
Desulfator battery from trash
Desulfator battery from trash
Desulfator battery from trash
For best results, you need. Beat high-voltage battery from 30 minutes to 3 hours. After disconnect this design and put the battery on charge. After discharge and repeat all over again. Repeat until the battery capacity increases. You can also hit the shacker. This technique also applies to ni-cd batteries.

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