Details of buying watches in Switzerland

buying watches in SwitzerlandTours to Switzerland are usually chosen by people with high incomes. Despite the fact that the country is not a common place for shopping, Swiss goods have long become a symbol of high quality. One such product is the Swiss watch, which is associated with accuracy and reliability. Buying watches in Switzerland means saving a little, because here they are most often sold cheaper than in other countries.

When planning your tour to Switzerland, it is worthwhile to set aside one of the days to visit the capital Zurich to buy yourself a watch. The most expensive models of the most famous brands are sold on Bankhshtrasse. If the travel budget does not provide for an exorbitant amount to buy watches, it is better to stroll along other streets, delving into the historical part of the city. There are a lot of shops and shops where you can buy watches in Zurich in particular and Switzerland as a whole. And not always they are located on the first floor. This could be the second and higher floors.Therefore, while walking around the city, you should pay attention to all signs.

When visiting small salons do not attach importance to the austere interior. One of the distinguishing features of the Swiss is frugality. It is not customary to flaunt luxury here. True Swiss are convinced that the store is exclusively a place of work, and not a parade and exhibition hall. In addition, it is in small shops that there is a chance to buy watches at lower prices. Another option to buy a watch in Switzerland is much cheaper - it's to choose a model that is out of fashion or not very popular with connoisseurs of this accessory.

In the store, you certainly need to ask the seller for documents on the selected model and license from the dealer. And in the case of their absence, just turn around and leave, as it is likely to get used watches, which were given the presentation. Making sure you have the documents, you can choose a model and buy. It would not be superfluous to bargain, at the same time it is better to start with a discount of 3% and gradually bring it up to 10%. It will be easier to do with sufficient knowledge of French or English.When leaving the shop, you can ask for a Global Refund Check to return the VAT on purchased goods when leaving the country. To do this, the amount of purchases must be at least 400 Swiss francs (including VAT). In order to qualify for a tax refund, a resident buyer in any country (except Switzerland itself) must remove the watch from the country within 30 days from the date of purchase. In Switzerland, the amount of VAT is 7.6%.

With time constraints, buying watches in Switzerland is possible in the duty free of one of the airports. But in this case, you will have to accept higher prices and the lack of a wide range. It is also possible to purchase watches through the Internet. But here you need special attention to all the little things, because there is a risk to become the owner of used watches or to spend a significant amount on the model of old collections. About the latest models of watches, you can find information on the manufacturers' websites, where reports on the presentations of the latest innovations are constantly published.

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