DIY do-it-yourself panel


Quilling painting

Painting in the technique of quilling "Forest Fairy"

Quilling technique allows needlewomen to show all their imagination. Paper strips as a result of simple manipulations turn into spiral blanks, from which you can make volumetric crafts and paintings. And if you combine several techniques
The Japanese panel

Japanese panel "Harmony"

I have never been a fan of Japanese culture. However, I was always struck by the beauty of the work of ancient Japanese artists. Thanks to their works, I decided to create this self-made.

Painted picture "Little Ballet Girl"

A small painting-panel with an elegant outline of a small ballerina can serve as an ornament for a child’s room for a girl, or any other room where there is a free space on the wall. So, if you were visited by inspiration, and wanted to refresh something

Panel "I love spring"

Spring is the most favorite time of year for most people. It is very nice when the sun begins to warm on the street, the rays of which melt the snow and create streams. Birds start to sing more songs and equip nests for hatching nestlings. Grass
Coffee panel to the kitchen

Coffee panel to the kitchen

This panel will be a great gift for all coffee lovers, as well as decorate the kitchen or workplace of a true coffee lover. The frame is wooden. Sackcloth. 1.5 l plastic bottle Dark brown gouache paint ("chocolate"). Paint acrylic white. Tight

Panel "Fiery feather"

Have you ever tried to make a decorative feather? But this is not a less interesting idea, especially for those who like to try something new, but not too time consuming. And if you develop the fantasy further, then with such elements you can and the panel

Fish "Nemo" in the technique of facing

Merry and fearless clownfish from the cartoon "In search of Nemo" has long been fond of boys and girls. Thanks to this master class, you can quickly and easily make your favorite hero with the child. Simplicity and accessibility of presentation and
Panel to the kitchen

Kitchen Panel

The kitchen is a place for eating and a secluded corner for tea drinking. Therefore, the decor should be similar to the subject, so as to cause not only delight, but also appetite. Try to make an original panel of dough and other additional materials.

"Poppies" made of artificial leather.

This picture will be a great addition to your interior. To work on the picture you will need: - PVA glue and “Moment”. - imitation leather of black, nacreous, red, green and cream color. - sheet of hardboard size 55x40 cm - small
Picture of leatherette

Leatherette pattern

Pictures of natural or artificial leather - a great way to decorate the interior. They, made by hand, are an original gift for mother, for example, for the holiday of March 8. To create a still life “Bouquet. Callas will need: tight
String art - pictures from nails and threads

String art - paintings from nails and threads

String art is a very interesting direction in art, which is again becoming popular. With the help of decorative carnations, a hammer and threads you can create incredibly beautiful patterns, inscriptions, drawings and even paintings. It all depends on what kind of
Easter Panel

Easter Panel

On the great and bright Easter holiday, you want to give not only a cake and a painted egg, but also something more durable that will remind you of this holiday. Let's try to make a beautiful and bright panel in the relevant topics.
Unusual wall panel

Unusual wall panel

List of required materials: - A sheet of paper. - Paints. It is preferable to gouache, as when drawing with gouache, less water is needed than for watercolor, respectively, and the paper will be less deformed. - Brush - Jar or glass with

Horseshoe Charm Picture

Since ancient times, it was thought to find a horseshoe to luck. According to the folk tale, the blacksmith, who shod the unclean, made a contract with him: he is not included in the house where the horseshoe hangs horns down. In every home there should be a charm. Who else but he will protect the inhabitants
Panel from newspaper tubes

Newspaper Wall Panel

Panno in French means "piece of cloth". But if you look at what compositions can be done by skilled craftswomen, you cannot call them anything other than works of decorative art. In the 18th century, mosaic panels were decorated with churches and
Blinds made of reeds

Reed Blinds

Spring is coming. Sometimes too sunny a window gives us inconvenience - a bright light hurts the eyes or overheats the workplace too much. It is not always convenient to use curtains.

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