Do-it-yourself miniature dart

do it yourself hands
Last weekend, in order to entertain your son, (and do not bother spending time myself), I made a mini dart, which, as a child, same as me. Well, those who did not make such a simple (in making) a toy, in childhood. They will be able to make it (without the suspicious looks of others, with thoughts of mental retardation of the person who made it). Only when their offspring grow up, to an acceptable age. In order not to accidentally damage something to oneself and those around him (peacefully walking nearby and unaware of the threat hanging over him). After all, safety, above all. And so, for the manufacture of a mini dart, I needed:
  • Nippers.
  • Scissors.
  • A ballpoint pen (for markup) because there was not a notebook in the cage.
  • Ruler (for the same reason).
  • Sewing thread, (ordinary ).
  • Matches,(more or less even copies), preferably with not big heads and no defects (otherwise it will have a bad effect on the flight characteristics and trajectory of our future mini-rocket).
  • Needle, not big (big, just need will additionally undermine or add weight).
  • Paper, (in my case, a piece of wallpaper due to the absence of a notebook at the moment).
  • Copper wire, not very thick , otherwise there will be difficulties with wrapping; moreover, there is a high probability of a match breaking, not very thin (you are tormented). I have 0.4 millimeter (it seems like just right).
You can do without it. But since the weight of the finished product is not great, its flight range leaves much to be desired, in general, not as far as we would like, it almost doesn’t stick at the target and the trajectory of flight is almost unpredictable. I made the rocket's body for the beginning, took four matches in one hand with my second hand shoved the needle in the middle with a sharp end outwards, began to wind the rope with my third hand, the joke, of course, managed with both hands. Having wound lightly, fixed the rope, pushing it between the matches and setting the body aside, proceeded to the next stage. Stage this is actually the manufacture of the wings of throwing weapons (no matter how ridiculous it may sound, but it is). The dart is a weapon (throwing), it is a spear, though it is somewhat lightened and reduced, when compared with spears for hand-to-hand or equestrian combat (usually having a total length of up to one and a half meters). For convenience, throwing it balanced (appropriately). As weapons (hunting) and combat, they were used by the troops of many countries and nations, starting from antiquity. Permanent use (as a weapon) recorded in the twentieth century. In ancient Russia they were called sulits. Darts are also called throwing arrows (short) for a game called darts. And so, at first I marked and cut the paper in the form of a square.
do-it-yourself darts
do it yourself hands
Further, by cunning manipulation, turned it into an isosceles triangle, then, more, and more, in general,look at the photo.
darts do it yourself
 do-it-yourself darts
do it yourself darts
darts with their own hands
After the wings are ready, I l body of the future dart on the wings.
 do-it-yourself darts
 do-it-yourself darts
Beyond that, fixing the thread (as described above), eager to quickly test threw it on the wall of the house sheathed fiberboard. Expectations did not materialize, he was still damp (his weight was not enough to overcome the sail, I thought). I made a decision to correct the situation at any cost. Of the many engineering thoughts that arose while she fell to the floor, the most suitable for a particular type of aircraft was selected. 1) Reduce windage by cutting off parts of the wings (it immediately seemed suspicious and not beautiful to me). do it yourself hands
 do-it-yourself darts
2) Increase the weight of the bow, adding to the same significant increase in aerodynamic resistance to air. This was achieved by winding copper wire on matches with a needle, while not forgetting about a smooth transition. Having played enough and getting a lot of not forgettable moments of happiness from having fun with the child, there was an attempt to extend the pleasure through modernization in order to attract the calming attention of the child. Implemented the idea using the magic of turning a dart into a rocket by partially amputation of the tail of a dart.
 do-it-yourself darts
The result of a surgical intervention was won for another half hour. And the rocket landed safely (albeit the nose) on the surface of the wall, where sow the day comes. I wish everyone who has children the same pleasant and unique moments in life.I advise you to use time when they are still small, because they will grow up and small, primitive toys will not be able to cause them the same emotions close to the state of euphoria.

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