DIY photo frame

You will need:

Salt "Extra"; Wheat flour; water; dry glue; paint.

Mix in a bowl 1 part salt, 2 parts flour and a little wallpaper glue. Add water (about 1 part), infusing it gradually, in small portions. Stir the contents of the spoon until the formation of lumps. After that, start kneading the dough thoroughly with your hands.

If the dough is a little, knead it in small portions. Knead for a long time, carefully, add, if necessary, water. The dough should be elastic, like clay.

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In order to paint the dough, it is enough to add paint to the water intended for mixing the dough. Paints

You can take any: aniline, watercolor. You can add brilliant green. For brown, add coffee or cocoa.Color the small details already on the finished product, for example,gouache.Sculpt the frame on the baking sheet to prevent damage when carried.

Match the glass (for example, 3 mm thick) to the size of the photo that will be inserted into the frame, or slightly larger. Put the glass in the middle of the pan. Roll four flagella of equal thickness out of dough. Lay them around the glass perimeter. Dampen the joints between the flagellum with water and press to each other. Carefully smooth out the seams to create a single frame. Then roll out the dough with a rolling pin. The entire frame should be of the same thickness, with a smooth surface. The thickness of the dough over the glass inside the frame must be at least 3 mm.

If, at the end of the rolling out, attach onto the dough and roll a canvas or mesh onto the frame, the texture will be printed on the frame.

Cut a flat window with a knife inside the frame. It should be smaller than glass. This can be done by eye, and you can use a template made of paper or cardboard.

Outside, the frame can be cut as smoothly as inside, or give it any shape you want, but the bottom edge on which the frame will stand is better left flat.

After making the base, proceed to decorating the frame with stucco molding.

In order to get a piece of paper, take a small piece of dough, roll a ball, flatten it with your fingers and mold a leaf. Put a knife on it

streaks. Wet the leaf on the back with water and attach it to the place you chose for it. Lightly press it in the middle, holding the knife flat.

For a rose, take a few small lumps of dough and flatten one oval and several round lozenges. The thinner they are, the more elegant the rosette will turn out.

Place the oval cake on your index finger and roll it into a cone with your thumb. This will be the central petal. Longer continue to wind the remaining round petals on the resulting cone. The more of them will be, the more luxurious will be a rosette. Holding it in your hand, cut with a knife the tail formed during rolling. Dampen the cut of the rose with water and attach it to the frame. To make the rose better adhere to the frame, press it in several places between the petals with a knife blade or a needle.

When you blind all the details on the frame, put the baking tray in the oven on the smallest fire and hold for 3-4 hours until the frame is solid.After that, let it cool in the oven without removing it, or the glass or the frame itself may crack. Remember, the frame must be well dried.

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