Do-It-Yourself Wire Crafts: Top 100 Inspiration Ideas

I tried to make simple crafts from wire with my own hands, probably everyone. Remember the improvised rings, bracelets, roses and funny people who are so easy to twist from copper wire pruning or from thin wire removed from a bottle of champagne.

And if you master several basic elements and get inspired, you can make crafts from copper wire that will become real masterpieces!

 DIY hand-made crafts: TOP 100 ideas for inspiration

Crafts from wire with your own hands: TOP 100 ideas for inspiration

Butterfly from copper wire

First, you need to learn how to make curls from wire. It is convenient to use special tweezers for this purpose.

Making curls with tweezers

Only on the basis of such curls can you make a wonderful version of the wire crafts for children - a graceful butterfly with weightless openwork wings.

 Wrap the bottom of the wing

Wrap the bottom of the wing

Twist the second wing with tweezers.

We spin the wing

Twist the wing

Glue a large bead in the center.

 Glue the bead

Glue the bead

Dragonfly from wire

If you stock up on a whole set of tools, you can make much more complex and incredibly interesting crafts. For example, a piece of solid wire can be turned into a dragonfly.

 Wire Dragonfly

Dragonfly from Wire

And if you use beads in your work or beads,then the dragonfly will find true charm. Crafts made of beads and wires are very popular, they are convenient to use in interior design, creating jewelry and accessories. And making such crafts is easy - you just have to imagine how you want to see the end result of your work, and at the right time, strung beads of suitable shape, color and size on the wire.

Dragonfly from wire and beads

You can use not only small beads, but also quite large beads. It all depends on the type of product and its size.

 Dragonfly with beads and beads

Dragonfly with beads and beads

Souvenir “Heart” made of copper wire

You can combine the wire with other materials. For example, a simple but very cute heart of copper wire can be fixed on a wooden block.

We fold the heart.

We fold the heart

We fold the heart

We twist the wire at the baseheart shape.

Twist the wire

Twist the wire

Spread the wire a second time. Fix the end of the wire at the bottom of the heart.

 Double wire heart shape

Double wire heart shape

We make a hole in the wooden cube, Pour some glue in there and insert wire with heart into it. It will turn out to be a wonderful souvenir, which, by the way, is convenient to use as a stand for notes, business cards and even photographs. : // "alt =" Souvenir from a wire with a heart "width =" 400 "height =" 448 ">

Souvenir from a wire with a heart

Wire Pendants

Instead of beads and beads, you can use buttons and glass pebbles with a hole in the middle. They easily turn into a part of the original heart pendant

 Pendant heart from wire and beads

Pendant heart from wire and beads

Or a cute souvenir bird.

 A bird from buttons, beads and buttons

Bird from wire, beads and buttons

The suspension will look like a rain cloud.











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