Mini fridge 12V do-it-yourself

It's a great hobby for summer - to make a miniature refrigerator with low-voltage power. Variety of supply voltage (220 V, 12 V, 5 V) makes it possible to use such a refrigerator almost anywhere: in a car, office, home, etc.. This is a wonderful thing to cool drinks on a hot summer day.


Making a miniature refrigerator on the Peltier element

The case was made in arbitrary sizes taking into account the placement of the cooling unit, power supply and beverage chamber. It will consist of two sections: one for the technical part, the other for cooling the products. We manufacture the case. We mark up a piece of hardboard with a pencil and ruler.
Mini fridge 12 V with your own hands
Cutting all elements with a hacksaw.
Mini fridge 12V do it yourself
All parts of the body are ready.
Do it yourself mini fridge 12V
From the middle part,dividing the refrigerator into two parts, cut a window for a radiator with a Peltier module.
Do-it-yourself mini fridge 12V
Put the cooling unit on the side of the case.
Do it yourself mini fridge 12

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