Do-it-yourself solar collector.

Solar water heater (collector)- an indispensable tool in the household. The collector of the right size and design is able to provide hot water to a family of several people, saving hundreds - thousands of rubles, which are spent on electricity and other types of energy.
If your cottage does not have electricity and gas, and heating water is a certain difficulty, I propose to make a solar water heater for the shower and washing dishes from materials that can often be found at a dump.
First you need to find a faulty refrigerator, namely, its coil is necessary. mounted on the back wall.
After the coil is dismantled, it must be flushed with a stream of water to get rid of the old freon.
Stocked up with rails, which we will need in the future to make the frame.
Found an old rubber mat, which is often under the door.
Glass, it is also not necessary to buy.It can be dismantled from the old window, which is usually thrown on the trash can, when replaced with plastic windows.
Since our rubber mat was too big, it was decided to cut it to the size of the future frame.
From the rails we knock down the frame so that the coil fits freely between the rails.
We measure the coil and rubber mat to the frame. We mark the place of fastening of the lower rail of the frame and the place of cuts for the exit of the tubes.
Install the bottom rail of the frame, stretch the foil between the rubber mat and the frame.
On the back of the frame, we fill the slats to stiffen the structure.
Scotch carefully glue all the cracks between the frame and foil. This is necessary so that the cooler outside air does not get inside the collector.
To supply water to the coil, PVC was acquired tube.
Sealing the connections of tubes and coil, was provided with scotch tape.
For fixing the coil were used clamps, which were removed from the refrigerator.Fastening the clamps, as it was also provided with scotch tape. But for reliability, I recommend fixing it with screws.
Cover our design with glass and glue around the perimeter with adhesive tape.
Homemade solar collector is ready. For the best heating, the sun's rays should fall on the surface of the collector at a right angle. Therefore, the fixing of the supporting elements of the structure is completed.
In order for the glass to not go away from the heat, it is necessary to screw in a couple of screws at the bottom, which will serve as stops.
Now it remains to attach the tank for the accumulation of hot water.
Circulation occurs only due to natural convection. When heated, the water in the collector expands, becomes less dense, rises up the collector and enters the upper part of the storage tank through a pipe. As a result, cooler water at the bottom of the tank is forced out and flows through another pipe to the lower part of the collector. This water in turn heats up and rises into the tank.
1 - hot water; 2 - pressure relief valve; 3 - hot water draining; 4 - stop valve; 5 - charging valve; 6 - cold water; 7 - cold water supply; 8 - drain valve.
As long as the sun is shining, water will constantly circulate around this circuit, ever more heated. Due to the fact that the tank is raised above the collector, the effect of the overturning of the circulation as a result of the night cooling of the coolant in the collector is reduced to zero, since cold water simply accumulates at the bottom of the system (at the bottom of the collector), while warm water remains in the tank. / div>
Such a simple construction of a solar collector capable of heating water on a sunny day,up to 70 degrees.

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