Do-it-yourself wish book for boys

The most unforgettable holiday in the life of every child is his very first birthday. When he is exactly one year old. This holiday is also important for the boy's parents, since it is generally accepted to celebrate this day with a lot of guests and a specially decorated holiday. The first birthday is like the first anniversary. Already parents do not consider the birthday of months, weeks, namely, fully celebrate the birthday of their son. Well, as it is customary to organize a holiday with all the honors, it is also necessary that the memories of this very first day of birth always remain. For such first children's dates, wish books are now quite popular. In such books, each guest can leave a wish for your baby, and you can also paste different photos from your first celebration into it. So, now we will look at a master class that will help us make a wish book for your beloved son for his first birthday. For the manufacture of the book we take:
  • The fabric is cotton with stars in blue shades, we take two German-made fabrics, one dark blue to white stars, the second blue to white and yellow stars;
  • Colored printed sheets with teddy bears, take 40 sheets;
  • Two sheets of 20 * 20 cm binding cardboard;
  • Sintepon;
  • Metal corners;
  • Metal rings;
  • Blue satin ribbon 25 mm wide;
  • Blue napkin cut down;
  • Blue ribbon with pom-poms;
  • Crocheted white and blue flowers;
  • wooden over Is Baby;
  • Suspension metal stroller;
  • Clearing flags and butterflies;
  • Scrapbumag, two sheets 30 by 30 cm ;
  • Sheets with wishes and poems for bookends, also printed, like sheets of the book itself;
  • A printed frame tag with the name of the child (the inscription can be made with using Photoshop);
  • The blue grommets and the installer for them;
  • The half beads are blue;
  • Chipboard balls;
  • Bradsa ​​metallic blue;
  • Scissors, ruler, double-sided tape, pencil, glue stick, Focus glue, cigarette lighter and pad for edge tinting.
 Book of wishes for the boy
 Book of wishes for a boy
So, first we take the binding cardboard, glue strips of double-sided tape and glue a synthetic winterizer.
Book of wishes for the boy
 Wish-book for the boy These are the soft binding blanks.
 Book of wishes for a boy
Book of wishes for the boy

Now we take fabrics, we smooth them well with an iron. We sew in pairs so that we have a total size of 24 * 24 cm. Now we will cover the binding squares with a cloth. We smear the corners with a glue pencil.
 Book of wishes for a boy
 Book of wishes for the boy
Wrap up, stretch and paste over both squares of our cover.At the edges we glue strips of ribbons so that our book is then tied to a bow.
 Book of wishes for a boy
 Wish Book for a Boy
Stitch the edges of our cover. Now we need to arrange the front part of our cover. Cut a piece of paper, a tag with an inscription and cut a napkin in half.
 Book of wishes for a boy
Book of wishes for the boy

We spread, and we will sew everything here like a photo. Now we take scrapbook and cut two squares of 19.5 * 19.5 cm. We also cut two squares of 18.5 * 18.5 cm with poems in bookends.
>img src="" alt="Book of wishes for the boy" title="Book of wishes for the boy">
Book of wishes for the boy
We stick sheets with verses on scrapbook and sew. Pages for the book of wishes look like this.
 Book of wishes for the boy
 Wish Book for a Boy
The booklet for the book is ready, we glue them from inside the cover.We make the installer holes on the cover and put two blue lover.
Book of wishes for a boy
 Book of wishes for a boy
Fasten the metal corners.
 Book of wishes for the boy
Wish Book for a Boy Now we put the pages on the cover, on the top we cover the second cover and put labels for the holes.

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