Door bell from bite alarm

Not so long ago, I bought a poklevka for a fishing rod. After 2 days of work, he broke down. It turned out that the iron was broken, which stretched along a line. This piece of iron pressed on the contacts, closing the circuit. It was a pity to throw out such a thing, and the sound was loud, and I thought: “Why not remake it under the bell?”. Also pleased that the detector worked on three batteries - tablets, and therefore did not require constant power. By the same, the battery compartment was easy to open and was easy to change without disassembling the case.
 Door bell from the bite warning device
Gently remove the clothespin. To do this, remove the cover and unscrew the bolt holding the clothespin. Then we extract all the offal. This is a board, speaker and LED. We do not tear off anything, but simply reach for all the wires to remain in place. There are two switches. One on the board, which includes the entire device.The second is smaller, stands apart from the board, it turns on when the fish bite.
Doorbell from bite alarm
 Door bell from poklevki alarm
Unsolder the wires from the second switch and solder to any other. A switch that turns off when you remove your finger will do. Here it is important to solder the wires long, in my case it is 15 meters. You can take a thin wire, millimeter 4. Then we unsolder the LED. We do not need it. Of course, you can leave it, but there is no benefit from it, since it does not shine brightly. You can try to connect a sweetheart through a transistor, but this is an extra fuss, I did not do that. You can also connect a speaker through a resistor, if the sound in your opinion is loud, but it suited me, so I did not do that either. It remains to push all the parts back into the case, removing the wires for the switch.
Doorbell from bite warning device
Then I taped the case with tape to the wall above the door. Then I reached the switch to the right place and stuck it with super glue.Everything works, so I did not mess things up.

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