Dry mix for tile

My wife and I decided that we will buy the materials for the repair ourselves. Now we need glue for the tile, but we do not understand anything in repairs. Could you tell me which mix is better for tile?
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Before making repairs, we found a good foreman, he was engaged in the purchase of building materials. But what mixture he used, I do not know, I can ask.
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Now the building materials market is huge. You should go to the network building materials store, and the consultants will tell you which materials are better and stronger.
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Zalina Loginova
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In the summer we are going to make repairs in the apartment, now we are gradually buying materials. The tile has already been chosen, the wallpaper too, but to buy dry mixes is not so easy. Their choice is very large and what better I do not know. I saw one online store I think to order there.

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