Easter bouquet

Soon we will celebrate the most important Christian holiday - Easter. Many will bake cakes, cook cottage cheese Easter, paint Easter eggs, try to bring perfect order in the apartment and somehow decorate it. There are many ways to decorate your house for the holiday - to lay a festive tablecloth, put in vases with delicate spring flowers, place beautiful ceramic figures of chickens and chickens. And you can also make an elegant Easter bouquet - twigs, decorated with decorative Easter eggs.
Easter bouquet
For work you will need: pattern paper, simple pencil, fleece of yellow and orange flowers, scissors, felt-tip pen, felt of green and yellow colors, self-adhesive felt of red and blue flowers, bright ribbons, large multicolored beads, needle, thread, sintepon, branches from the cherry tree. Proceedings. 1. With a simple pencil, draw an Easter egg pattern on paper and cut it out.
 cut eggs
2. Lay the pattern on the wrong side of the fleece and circle the marker.For one Easter egg, you need to cut two pieces from an orange fleece, leaving half a centimeter for the allowances. To make seven decorative Easter eggs, you will need to cut eight pieces from orange fleece and six pieces from yellow fleece.
 details in yellow fleece
3. Sew parts in pairs, leaving a small hole. This is best done on the sewing machine, but it can be sewn by hand. The result will be seven blanks for decorative Easter eggs.
 seven blanks
4. Unscrew every billet through non-sewn holes.
 non-sewn holes
5. Through these same holes, tightly fill each blank with a padding polyester.
 preparation with padding polyester
6. Hand-sew the holes with a secret seam.
 secret stitch
7. Now these blanks need to decorate. You can cut a little chicken out of yellow felt and sew it with small stitches by hand. From the self-adhesive red felt cut the beak, and from the blue - eyes. Glue the chicken with the eyes and the beak.Cut a small bow from green felt and sew on chicken.
sew chicken
8. You can decorate it differently. Take a bright ribbon, wind the billet crosswise and grab it with threads. Cut out a felt from a felt, sew it in the place of intersection of a ribbon, and sew a large bead on top.
 sew a chicken
9. Decorate a few blanks with chickens, and a few with ribbons, flowers and beads.
 flowers and beads
10. Take a ribbon and tie a bow on it, leaving a loop for hanging an Easter egg on a sprig.
 Easter egg on a twig
11. To the edges of the ribbons are not blossomed - treat them. To do this, you need to light a match and quickly hold fire along the cuts. Just make seven such ribbons - for each Easter egg on the ribbon. Sew ribbons with bows and eyelets to each Easter egg.
 Easter egg ontwig
12. Put cherry twigs into a vase and hang decorative Easter eggs on them. Easter bouquet is ready. This bright, elegant bouquet can be put on table, shelf or on the window sill, and it will create a festive mood in your home.
 Easter bouquet

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