Easy tile grouting method

In the process of repair performed by yourself, there are many problems. Some of them can and should be solved independently, including finding our own, original solutions. So, in the process of trial and error, I found a way to apply the grout to the tile. I can not safely say that such a simple idea (like everything close to genius) did not come to anyone else's head, but for me it became unique, since I had never seen it before.
how to apply grout on tile
So, how to rub tiles on the floor without dirt and endless mopping? The answer is simple - the usual wide tape! Here it is important not to be afraid that the tape will stick to the tile tightly or leave sticky marks - this will not happen. The masking tape is much less convenient - on it, the grout dries instantly and when the tape is peeled off, small grout chips crumble onto the floor. Have to vacuum or sweep.And since we are trying to save ourselves from unnecessary work and the question of how to clean the tile from grouting, it is better to take a simple scotch. The process of grouting Actually, there is nothing complicated . Grouting of tile joints occurs in the standard way: the same consistency of solution, the same tools. The only difference is that tapes of wide adhesive tape are glued on the very edge of the seams. • It is most convenient to work with two or three tiles at once. An adhesive tape is stuck along one line from two sides.
 sticking tape
• When the surface is ready, apply a spatula solution on the seam. Well press the grout inside the entire length. Then, with a strong movement, we draw the tool along the seam to remove the excess, and the grout layer was uniform.  put a grout on the tile
• Do not mash long so that the grout does not have time to properly grab. Of course, we should try not to swing the instrument too much so that the dirt does not get over the edges of the "safety" tape. When everything is ready, gently tear off both strips of tape from the edges of the seam. • In as a result, we get a practically perfectly smooth and clean surface. Random droplets are enough to wipe with a damp sponge once. Conclusion Someone can say that sticking adhesive tape takes a lot of time, but for me personally it is much easier to spend a minute gluing adhesive tape than to wash the floor several times. Everyone decides for himself how to properly tile the tile, but in my case this way made life much easier. I hope this simple advice will help you too!

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