Effect of optical illusion in action

Optical illusion refers to those effects of visual perception that occur involuntarily or consciously in a person who observes certain images.

Such effects are also called optical illusions — errors of visual perception caused by inaccuracies or inadequacies of the processes occurring during an unconscious correction of visual images. In addition, physiological features of the visual organs and psychological aspects of visual perception also take part in the process of optical illusions.

A photograph of the reflection in a puddle, on which the gravel looks like a starry night sky.

This volcano crater looks like it sucks the souls of the damned into hell.

OPTIC ILLUSIONS that will cause you hallucinations

Old pans look like planets from below.

Inside, this guitar looks like an apartment that I can't afford.

The leg of this anteater looks like a panda.

Lobster in the bucket looks like a giant monster on a metal planet.

This mossy stone looks like a tropical island.

The fog is like ocean waves.

This is not a caterpillar.

The stone is like a ship.

Illusions and deceptions of the brain. Optical tricks with your mind.

The view of the cemetery from the window looks like a cityscape.

This cloud looks like a huge wave.

This is not concrete. This is a view of New Delhi.

An old stump with grass looks like a unicorn.

A picture of a lizard on the windshield looks like Godzilla is crushing my city.

It seems that one of the buildings pulls energy from another.

It seems that the flow of water falls from the sky to fill the Yosemite Falls.

The view from the window is like a painting on the wall.

This mushroom looks just like a giant chocolate donut.

The goose looks like a dinosaur 100 meters high.

The cloud looks like a UFO.

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