The English diet for 21 days is one of the popular nutrition systems developed by British nutritionists. It belongs to low-calorie diets, strict adherence to its principles ensures a positive result. This is a great solution for those who want to lose a few pounds, and for those who want to lose weight in several sizes. The English diet on the 21st day is gaining more and more positive reviews: those who have tried this diet have noted its simplicity, easy portability, satiety and steady result. Fans of this three-week diet state that the output felt not only ease after getting rid of extra pounds, but a surge of strength, and the reflection in the mirror pleasantly pleased them. Thanks to a carefully balanced diet, the body does not experience stress and deficiency of fats, proteins or vitamins typical of many diets. The English diet involves eating healthy meat, cereals, dairy and dairy products, cereals, bran, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, spices and spices.That is why all adherents of the English diet have radiant skin, healthy hair and nails. This system involves the alternation of three types of menus: “hungry” (fasting) days, protein and carbohydrate days. Among the conditions - the use of a fair amount of clean water, a decrease in the amount of salt in dishes, as well as the golden rule of all slimming - dinner no later than 18:00. Positive reviews about the English diet are due to its main secret: this diet causes the body to burn its own fat due to the lack of its receipt with food. The English diet for 21 days really looks pretty "fat free." Salad and stew vegetables can be refilled only with vegetable oil, and you can also eat a little butter. No wonder the diet is called English: the inhabitants of Foggy Albion are famous for their fryiness, and it's hard to imagine a true lady with excess weight. A beautiful, slim body - the dream of every woman, but no dream comes true without effort. For such a prize as beauty, it is necessary to fight and the English diet for 21 days will be your faithful assistant in this fight.In this section, we suggest you to get acquainted with the main rules of this system, to make for yourself the optimal menu in accordance with the conditions of the English diet.

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