Envelope for money

If any celebration is planned in your life, and you are invited, then the natural question pops up by itself - what to give? You can puzzle for a long time, going through a lot of ideas for a gift, but the best option would be an envelope with money. In this case, the hero of the occasion will be able to buy for himself what he dreams of. But, even despite such a banal gift, it can be made original if you yourself take part in the manufacture of this envelope. At first glance it may seem to you that this is difficult, and sometimes impossible. I dare to dissuade you, it's easy, fun and interesting. For creativity, you will need:
 You'll need
  • Double-sided tape 5 mm diameter,
  • Scrapbooking paper size 30 x 30,
  • Scrapbooking paper in the size of 20 X10 of a different color,
  • Satin Ribbon,
  • Matches,
  • Pencil, ruler,
  • li>
  • Decorative paper flowers,
  • Self-adhesive beads,
  • Decor,
  • Scissors
Described Work: 1.Take a scrapbooking paper with a size of 30 x 30 and on the wrong side, mark the desired dimensions, as shown in Figure 2.
 Take a paper
2. We cut unnecessary edges to make a blank for the future envelope.
 Crop unnecessary edges
3. Bend the edges inward and glue the double-sided tape on the front side.
 Fold the edges inwards
4. The lower edge of the paper bends to the center and glues the side seams.
 bend to the center
5. We bend the paper once more to the center.

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