Eternal youth: 9 habits that reflect on beauty

Almost all women are afraid to grow old. And in vain. Alexander Myasnikov, a cardiologist, author of books on beauty and health, who recently published a new book, "Is there Life After 50", tells how to stay young and attractive at any age.

Some women are lucky: they have good genetics. This is 80% key to success, the rest is work on yourself. Here you are either lucky or not. In some women, wrinkles appear early, already at the age of 25, others much later - these are genetic features that you have to put up with. Of course, those who have a good heredity, it is easier. But on the same genetics, too, will not go far. If a woman wants to preserve for many years what is inherent in nature, it is worth rolling up her sleeves and seriously engaged in herself. This is a daily work, the weekend does not happen. So, that most of all is reflected in female beauty.

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Positive attitude

Smile even if you are sad. Do not dwell on the years, do not think about old age. Live a full life at any age, keep your interest in what is happening, look to the future with optimism, love yourself and people. It is very important to feel happy! If you radiate happiness, are satisfied with everything, are positive and enjoy the little things, then the people around you will be happier and happier. Happiness is a contagious thing. Kozma Prutkov said: “If you want to be happy, be it!” And I give you a statement: “If you want to be young, be like this!” For me, the ideal of a woman is mother. She is 90 years old, she exercises every day, always cheerful and optimistic. Mom (she is a gerontologist, studies the aspects of aging, wrote the book “How to stay a woman under 100 years old.” - Approx. “Antennas”) once gave such advice to mature women from the television screen: “Never refuse, if a man offers you have sex. Next time they may not offer it. ” Quite a bold call, but I never argue with my mother.


It would be nice to think about whether you live right. Monitor your health and diet, care for your body. Be active, do not forget about physical activity.Do not devote yourself completely to work, allow yourself to relax, rest. Try to get rid of bad habits! Extremely negative effect on the skin, smoking and sunlight. It is better not to smoke at all, and when you go out, always use sunscreen.

Physical exercise

There are no age limits for sports: it is necessary for all women, both at 20 and those over 60. It is advisable to take at least 45 minutes 5 days a week to sports if you do not have chronic illnesses. And to train more than 1.5 hours a day is unhealthy. Ideally, training should consist of three parts: ½ time - fitness, aerobic exercise, ¼ - strength, and the second - stretching. If a woman is flexible, plastic, with a flying gait, she attracts the attention of a man, even from the back!

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Hormone therapy

This is one of the methods that women use in pursuit of youth. It certainly has an effect, but it can be dangerous with its consequences, such as thrombosis, breast and uterus oncology. Therefore, it is necessary to think ten times before taking such a risk, to be thoroughly examined before treatment, to trust only a highly qualified doctor.But age is still not fooled! Here, it seems, you watch some of our stars on TV, and it seems that over the years they have flourished, they look even better than they were in 40 years. But if you meet them in ordinary life, without makeup, they are unlikely to recognize them. They are your age, believe me.

Beauty and plastic surgery injections

They allow women to feel more beautiful, younger, more confident in themselves, which means that they have a meaning. But the measure is important, the main thing is not to overdo it, not to lose its individuality. And do not wait for miracles, plastic refreshes the face for a while, but age-related changes will appear again.

Active life

Be interested in something necessarily: politics, fashion, painting, news in the theatrical or musical world. Take yourself to the maximum, and you will not have time to think about the fact that youth is leaving. In addition, this way you train your memory, broaden your horizons, which again helps a woman to stay young longer.


Women of creative professions look younger than those who are engaged in hard physical labor or sports. Look at artists, directors, poets, singers, actors, musicians - the energy of their creativity feeds, stirs and inspires. It is never too late to change a life by adding an element of creativity to it.


If a woman's eyes glow with a mischievous sheen, she looks younger than her years. Elina Bystritskaya, Lyudmila Zykina, Klara Luchko - no one doubts their beauty in adulthood. I love Alla Pugacheva very much, I am friends with her - she is not only smart and charismatic, but she also glows from the inside, her enthusiasm is young, her eye is burning ... I admire my wife, she is over sixty, and together we are over forty years old. She knows how to enjoy life, is still capable of adventures, ready to break spontaneously into the mountains, for example ... What should I do to keep my eyes burning? Do not be afraid to do stupid things. It's great if in 50 years old you have a childhood playing in one place, it must be cultivated. Fall in love! The state of love invigorates and rejuvenates ... Nikolai Zabolotsky wrote: “What is beauty, and why do people deify it? Is it a vessel in which there is emptiness, or a fire flickering in a vessel? ”You can't say better! If a woman has a fire, she will be beautiful and desirable at any age.

Proper nutrition

Women of any age need no more than 1800 calories per day.

  • It is necessary to eat a pound of vegetables and a pound of fruit a day, alternating colors, because green, yellow and red foods contain different vitamins and trace elements.
  • Fish should certainly be in the diet, because the omega-3 fats contained in it and seafood are good for the body. If you do not like sea creatures, take fish oil without fail!
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  • Fish can eat as much as you like, but the meat should be limited. Animal fats in large quantities are harmful. Red meat (beef, pork, lamb) - no more than three times a week. Chicken and turkey can be consumed more often, it is lean, healing meat, in which a lot of magnesium and zinc.
  • The diet should include natural products from whole grains: whole-grain bread with bran, wild rice, cereals, cereals - they have a high content of fiber, which improves the bowels. This is the most important component of healthy nutrition, fiber is plentiful and in plant foods: apples, potatoes, oranges, lemons, grapefruits.
  • Dairy products - a source of calcium, but it is better to use low-fat kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt.
  • Antioxidants should also be present in the diet, but the fact that they work wonders by slowing down the aging process is a myth. There is no scientific evidence for this today.
  • For pleasure and joy, you can allow yourself a piece of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%,and 50 grams of nuts a day: their regular use rejuvenates and heals the female body.
  • Need to drink as much as you want. 600 g of liquid (this includes soup, wine, coffee, and juice) per day is necessary to compensate for the loss of water. Drink enough, but do not suffer, do not force yourself.
  • Refined sugar and salt are the white enemies of humanity, they are totally harmful, their consumption should be minimized.

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