Ethnic wicker jewelry craftswoman Sofia Pasha, worthy of attention

Today, thousands and thousands of craftsmen create magnificent jewelry from a variety of materials: fabrics, beads, stones, wire, even paper clips and clothespins! But masters who are able to recreate historical jewelery are especially highly valued. One of these masters, our contemporaries, is Sofia Pasha (Sofia Paschou). The craftswoman creates costume jewelry from materials familiar to ancient Greece - natural silk, cotton and linen threads. Sophia Pasha's skillful hands create petals, leaves and flowers, which are then joined into a quaint, but charming decoration, to which you can say "corresponds to the historical canons".

In her works, Sofia Pasha tries not to use the beads almost, but to make an ornament only from natural threads. For this, the craftswoman has her own loom:

By the way, some of her jewelry decorates today one of the museums in Athens. In addition, ethnic masters of jewelery can be seen on fashion podiums.

To this day, Sofia Pasha creates a wonderful jewelry, worthy of the attention of the general public.

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