Weave European chainmail 6 in 1

The weave of the European chain mail 6 in 1- this method of weaving is very similar to the European 4 in 1, only it is connected with one ring not 4, but 6 rings. The mail gets more dense and protects better.

Materials and tools:

  1. pliers;
  2. rings for weaving.

Step 1

We start weaving. To begin, take 7 rings: 1 - open, 6 - no. We put 6 unlocked on the open ring and close the ring - this is the first step and the general principle of weaving European 6 in 1.

We continue to weave the first chain. We open the ring, pass it through the 4 rings of the previous row and put 2 more rings on it, close the ring - repeating it we spin 3 and other rows, continuing the chain to the desired length.

Step 2

We continue to weave chain mail.There are 2 ways, in this step we will consider the first way to continue.

We weave another chain, exactly the same as the first chain. We put two chains near. We take the ring, open it and pass it through 3 rings on one chain (1, 2, 3 rings) and through 3 rings on another chain (1, 2, 3 rings), close the ring. We take the second ring, open it and pass it in the same way as the past, only 2, 3, 4 rings on chains will be involved. Next time - 3, 4, 5 rings, etc. (see photo).

Step 3

2 way to continue weaving chain mail.

Take the first chain, put it. Take the ring, open it and pass it through 3 rings on the chain, then put 3 rings on it and close the ring.

We take one more ring, open it and pass through 5 rings (3 on chains and 2 added elements), put on 1 more ring and bury the open ring (see photo).

Repeating this step, we continue weaving.

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