Eurovision: a change of orientation

The victory in the Norwegian competition of Alexander Rybak with the touching and emotional composition “Fairytale” made the public say that soon the format of songs performed at Eurovision will change radically.
The song with which Rybak won in Moscow was written by chance: a passionate musician began to somehow play a vague melody, recalling his girlfriend
The song with which Rybak won in Moscow was written by chance: a passionate musician began to somehow play a vague melody, recalling his girlfriend

Eurovision has new requirements for songs and contestants. The competition held in Moscow last weekend proved it again. The first place was given to the Norwegian artist of Belarusian origin Alexander Rybak, who was cut off from his main rival, the singer Johanna from Iceland, almost doubled.

“Fisherman is charming, warm, sincere and direct, which today, in my opinion, is not enough. In him and his song, written, by the way, by him, there is a spark of lightness and purity, ”said producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Analyzing the results of the competition, it becomes obviousthat the singer conquered Europe with sincerity, simplicity and spontaneity, while pompous rooms with special effects, expensive equipment and flames bursting around the perimeter of the stage did not justify the hopes placed on them. Svetlana Loboda’s difficultly composed number, playing drums, spinning in a tin wheel and performing acrobatics in a team with dancers, Europe awarded Ukraine only 12th place, and even the queen did not help the German participant to move higher than 20th place. burlesque Dita Von Teese, appeared on stage in a black bustier. The predictions regarding Patricia Kaas were not justified, despite the fact that her performance was quite modest and organic, the song was chosen unmemorable, as a result - the 8th place. The numbers of Croatia (18th place), Estonia (6th place) and Iceland (2nd place) turned out to be atypical for Eurovision, however, it was these performances that were especially highlighted by music critics after the competition.

Russia this year did not even hit the mark. Anastasia Prikhodko with the song "Mamo" took only 11 place.Ukraine, despite the fact that the singer performed the song in her native language, gave the girl only two points, and 27 countries out of 42 who voted gave Anastasia zeros. Music critic Nikolai Fandeev, commenting on the results, expressed the opinion that the girl has too little experience working at large venues, besides, there are a lot of dark spots around her entering the competition. To a greater degree, it was precisely these reasons that predetermined the sad results of the audience vote for the song “Mamo”.

Celebrities about the speech of Anastasia Prikhodko

Joseph Prigogine:“I heard a lot of positive reviews about this issue, but I do not agree with its quality. Perhaps there was an idea, but there was no artist. I'm sorry girl. Her desires did not match her capabilities. At Eurovision they poisoned an absolutely unprepared artist. ”

Artemy Troitsky:“Our contestant had a very stylish number, and the song is not the worst. The performance was emotional. But most of all in her room I liked the visual range - because the dancers already got. This is just evidence of fantasy. ”

Yana Rudkovskaya:“In the final, the girl went all out and did everything she could.Honestly, I was not disappointed with her number. I think that he was original and unlike anything else. This year the composition at Eurovision was very strong, and condemning Prikhodko for 11th place is just silly. ”

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