Every family has an old chest of drawers. What interesting things can you do with it?

Not everyone can say goodbye to the old chest of drawers, because he served faithfully for many years to the family, and maybe not to one generation. Nevertheless, a good, but already old thing can and should be given a new life - after all, in the new role she will be able to fulfill her destiny once again and again inexpressibly please the owners.

A wonderful idea of ​​the second life of an old chest of drawers can be its transformation into a street sofa! In this master class for this, the first two rows of boxes were removed using an electric saw:

After that, from the fiberboard, the seat was adjusted in size. Also formed a wall behind:

Top added fencing and polished edges:

To give the old chest of drawers a new elegant look, the owners painted it in glossy black (everything, including the boxes):

At the end of the construction was allowed to dry:

Small additions in the form of a mattress and pillows only improved the composition:

Now this is a new sofa for relaxing on the street!

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