Exercises for the development of memory

�Observe brain hygiene

In order for the memory to function better, for a start, provide the brain with optimal working conditions. Try to get rid of all bad habits, because both alcohol and smoking adversely affect the state of memory.
Pay special attention to sleep. That he plays a big role in ensuring the normal functioning of the brain. Before going to bed, be sure to ventilate the room to provide a more comfortable sleep.
Be sure to watch your diet. Eat more protein-rich foods. Avoid fatty foods. Eat less flour and sweet foods. It is recommended to add to the diet of fish oil, soy lecithin.
Some medications may also affect memory status. For example, stimulants, sedatives, anti-inflammatory, painkillers can not only affect the state of memory, but even cause its short-term loss.

�Train your memory

There are many exercises that help train such a skill as memory. You can choose the appropriate list of exercises yourself, or use the recommendations of experts.
The most popular are the following exercises:
1. Recall everything you did during the course of yesterday. At the same time try not to miss a single detail. It is necessary to collect a complete picture of action. If some of the cases can not remember, take a break for 15-30 minutes, and then try to play them again in memory.
2. Develop photographic memory. To do this for a few minutes (from three to six) carefully look at any object or person. After that, close your eyes and try to mentally reproduce the selected image. In order to increase the effectiveness of this exercise, you can draw what you memorized. At the same time pay much attention to the details of the image.
3. The main volume of exercises for the development of memory is based on memorizing words, numbers, dates. Such exercises promote skill improvement. Being engaged in such exercises, over time you will notice that it is much easier for you to memorize plans for the day, shopping lists, phone numbers, dates of birthdays and so on.You can also train your memory by memorizing poems or lyrics.
In order for your memory to work better and more efficiently, you need to trust it more, rely on it more often. Thus, over time, this skill will become much more productive.

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