Exercises to relieve back pain

Exercise is aimed at unloading the muscles of the back, relaxing the muscles of the pelvis and to reduce intra-abdominal pressure.
Technique: lean on your knees and the base of your palms so that the posture is stable. It is necessary to alternate bowing and sagging of the back according to the type of "purring cat." For the initial level, the alternation of 10 exercises is quite enough. Important: do the exercise smoothly, avoiding sudden movements and jerks.
This exercise is based on the tension of the oblique muscles of the back and abdominals, due to which the load is evenly distributed over all the muscles of the body.
Technique: the main points of emphasis when “snake” on the shoulder blades and buttocks. Performing requires some flexibility, but also, thanks to the gradual training, allows you to strengthen the muscles that support the body in an upright position.
Like all the basic exercises aimed at unloading the muscles of the back, "Superman" redistributes efforts between the rectus abdominis and the muscles of the back.
Technique: the point of emphasis, as in the "kitty", knees and the base of the palms. Alternately, you should raise your right hand with your left foot and vice versa. Such approaches need to be done at the initial stage to five.
It improves blood circulation and mobility of the lower spine, facilitating painful sensations.
Technique: the main points of emphasis in the "Pendulum" on the buttocks and heels. Bend your legs at the knee joints, close your knees and rest against the heels. Alternate movements left and right should be performed smoothly, avoiding jerks. At the initial stage it is better to try the exercise 30 times. Then you can gradually increase the load.
"Development of the press"
The exercise is quite famous; athletes prefer to perform it with maximum flexion of the torso for training the muscles of the abdominal 1 abs. But to strengthen the muscles of the back and reduce pain, flexion of one-third is most effective. Thus, the load on the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall is redistributed.
Technique: for this exercise emphasis is optional.

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