Eyes for dolls

Everyone, literally everyone molded in childhood from plasticine. Molding is part of the program of preschool development of citizens. Someone did better, someone worse. Some are already in years, but with pleasure they pass the time modeling various figures. One problem - the life of plasticine sculptures is not durable. They are afraid of light, heat, and the dust seemed to attract. Perhaps the desire to perpetuate the fruits of his work and served as the emergence of plasticine animation. But this is only an assumption. In the era of gadgets, the wide availability of cameras and various recording devices, the passion for clay has moved to a new level. Plasticine animation has become a popular hobby. Creating a cartoon from plasticine develops fine motor skills, memory and figurative thinking. Therefore, there are already a lot of children's animation studios in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the whole World. The beginning multipliers in the work with the plasticine figure have the same problems. How to solve one of them will be discussed. The principle of creating a cartoon using plasticine is both simple and complex at the same time.The figure is photographed while changing its position from frame to frame. Here is the main catch. Plasticine in the work gets dirty. Particularly affected are the teeth and eyes of the "actor." Besides the fact that they change color from white to all neighboring ones, they also crumple. How to avoid it? There is a solution. If doll eyes are sometimes found in stores for needlework, then teeth are harder to find. So why not make them yourself? To do this, you need polymer clay. One medium piece of white clay you have enough for hundreds of peepholes and jaws with teeth. We open the pack with clay. We knead. We roll the sausage. We cut one size brusochki. Each bar again divided exactly in half. After all, the eyes should be the same. Roll the balls and give them the shape of an egg or leave them round. Now bake in the oven at a temperature of 130 degrees C for no more than 5 minutes. Let them cool down. All is now left to finish the pupils. Pupils can be colored with polymer clay, but for this you will need to buy several more packages of clay of different colors. Almost also do the teeth. Small sausage pressed lightly with a knife. After doing a perpendicular incision (but not cut) in the middle. It will serve as a gap between the front incisors. Repeat the procedure until it turns out "fence".Now, with a knife, we cut the future "Hollywood smile" along. We bend in the shape of the jaw. And in the oven. Of course, you should do a lot to bake them all together. When the products cool down, find a suitable box for them so that they do not become confused.
 cut sausage
Hollywood smile
 it remains to draw pupils
 the eyes are almost ready
make several choices
 Eyes for dolls

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