Facial plastic surgery: pros and cons of customers' eyes

A person is the first thing that people pay attention to when they meet a person. That's why so much attention is paid to make-up, caring procedures, special gymnastics. Everyone wants to look as attractive as possible. However, there are very few people with perfect faces. Some features and defects can be caused genetically, often time adjustments also make their adjustments. The most popular operations are related to face lift, eyelid, nose shape and ear position.

However, it is always pretty scary to go for an operation. What if something goes wrong? After all, the defect on the face is very difficult to hide, and sometimes it is impossible. Therefore, clients choose the doctor so carefully, they study the testimonies, indications and contraindications to the operation. The community of those who have already gone through something similar, for example, a forum about blepharoplasty, will help to orient the community best. There you can not only study the photo to evaluate the results, but also get acquainted with the opinion of former patients.

Many forums have strong psychological support.First, help to tune in and calm down immediately before the procedure. After all, to decide on an operation on the face is not so simple. Secondly, support in the period of rehabilitation. Go to the surgeon to improve their appearance. But the first few days and even weeks the mirror does not please: swelling, bruises, scars, a loose fit of the eyelids, patches and bandages. Many patients experience depression. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to communicate with those who are just going through the rehabilitation period or have already fully recovered. Reading forum messages helps to tune in to a positive, notice even small signs of improvement, get rid of fears.

Forums are good because you can not only read the information, but also join in the conversation. Convenient are those sites that offer both introductory useful articles and the possibility of discussing a specific procedure. For example, a similar structure here: omorfia.ru/services/otoplastika. After reading the comments, you can ask questions to forum participants, share your opinions and experiences.

Almost everyone who has used facial plastic surgery notes that the choice of a specialist is extremely important.The names of specific surgeons, masters, many clients, do not hesitate, voiced on the forums. It is also important and strict adherence to the recommendations of the doctor in the postoperative period. As a rule, almost all clients note that facial plastic surgery allows, with minimal interventions, to seriously adjust their appearance.

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