Fans suspect that Kostenko has enlarged lips

Anastasia attracted the attention of new photos.

She didn’t have time to get married, as her fans began to improve her appearance. In the last photo in her microblog, the bride appeared with unnaturally plump lips. The followers immediately decided that without the intervention of a beautician, this was not done.

Jan 14, 2018 at 4:49 PST

“Nastya, have you pumped up your lips?” Fans ask in the comments and argue with each other whether the model has natural beauty. Kostenko herself does not comment on these statements. It seems that the girl still did not resort to the injections of beauty and especially operations. First, her lips were always pretty sensual. Secondly, on most Instagram photos, Anastasia smiles, and, accordingly, her lips seem thinner. Well, and thirdly, makeup can work wonders and with the help of correctly applied lipstick, any girl can change the contour of her lips in a couple of minutes without any doctors.

Besides, just a few days after the wedding, the girl is clearly busy not with visiting beauty salons, but with more important things. Moreover, insiders have recently confirmed rumors about her pregnancy.

In addition, Kostenko decided to take up his stellar career. Immediately after the marriage, she changed her social media data to a new last name, Tarasova, and found it necessary to hire her own agent. If someone wants to buy advertising in a popular profile (by the way, it will cost at least 100 thousand rubles) or invite the beauty to take part in the shooting - now they have to contact her press attaché.

By the way, many star beauties at one time decided on various improvements in their appearance. And the most popular procedure is really considered to increase the volume of the lips, which made almost all celebrities. Recently, the model Kendall Jenner resorted to this. This change was noticed by fans of the star, who are closely following her on Instagram.

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