Fashionable hairstyles, Fall-Winter 2014–2015 (photo): which hair styles are the most fashionable in 2015?

Fashionable hairstyles, Fall-Winter 2014–2015

Fashionable hairstyles, Fall-Winter 2014–2015

This season, designers have prepared for us very interesting options. In them there are unusual colors, original design, and new interpretations of the hairstyles already familiar to us.


Fashionable hairstyles Fall-Winter 2014–2015 - the most current trends

The first trend is hair, combed to the side. One of the most impressive fashion trends. This hairstyle takes a worthy place among others, because it is appropriate for almost any occasion and easily repeatable. Its texture and shape can be any, the most important thing - it is combed to the side hair.


Along with braids, the wet effect is popular not for the first season in a row. Modern hairstyles with this effect are made in the style of glam. This option is well suited for a party, but will be appropriate in the office.


Fashionable hairstyles, Fall-Winter 2014–2015


And of course, do not forget about straight hair! A trend that occurs in almost every designer.This hairstyle keeps for a long time and can be used for any occasion, as it is incredibly functional. Regardless of the length of your hair, even hair this season - what you need!


Fashionable hairstyles - straight hair


Experiments with hair color will be very popular. This is a natural, natural range, which can be of any shades. The main rule is naturalness.


Choose red, brown, or light shades.


Fashionable hairstyles - warm shades

What hairstyles are the most fashionable in the fall-winter 2015 season

Calling the main trends, you can learn about fashion hairstyles, Fall-Winter 2014. Without any doubt, these are bunches and knots. They are presented by designers in a variety of options - carelessly stabbed, or smoothly combed like a ballerina - you decide. This is a universal hairstyle that you can easily “wear” in the office, and then go with her to the party. For more solemnity, it will be possible to complement it with a beautiful hair accessory.


Fashionable hairstyles - bunches and knots


Do not give up their positions and braids, this is a fashionable hairstyle Summer-Autumn 2014. They are popular for several seasons in a row. And it is not surprising, because they are relevant at any time of the year. The braids in front of the head, both ordinary and French, are popular. Also on the podium back retro style.


If you are considering braids for the evening version of the hairstyle, then choose more complex models. For example, the French, which from the front of the head smoothly into the bottom. At the same time complement the side of the hairstyle with beautiful decorations.


In the fashion of complex braids in the style of punks and ready. They can be supplemented with ribbons and scarves. Many designers offer such options, which looks incredibly cool.


Fashionable hairstyle - braids in the style of punks and ready


Do not know what fashionable hairstyle 2014? No doubt this is the tail. No fashion show can do without it. Horse tail will never surrender their positions. This season it is low, sloppy, or smoothly combed. Choose the one you like.


Fashionable hairstyle - horse tail


In spite of everything, fashionable hairstyles for Fall-Winter 2015 are voluminous hair. They hardly ever cease to be relevant. This hairstyle you can safely choose this season. On hair of any length, add an exciting volume and this will be enough to look very attractive!


Fashionable hairstyle - the volume on the hair


It is impossible to say for sure which fashionable haircut of 2014 is now. There are a lot of options, and everything depends only on your preferences. You can choose new options every time, and enjoy yourself!

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