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Rasbora - fish, which can be seen in aquariums and amateurs, and professionals. It is unpretentious, but at the same time it is very cute, it is easy to get along with other species that are not inclined to see in it the subject of hunting. In nature, lives in warm shallow rivers of Southeast Asia.

Appearance and features of care

In the photo rasbor you can see a small silver fish with elongated black triangles on the sides. Bright colors make it well noticeable in an aquarium, even despite the small size of 4 cm.

Rasbora golden
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Sometimes it is possible to meet golden individuals or albinos, but these variations are quite rare. Males have a brighter coloration. The wedges on their sides near the tail fin have a sharp end, in females it is rounded.

Fish prefer to live in flocks, so you need to acquire immediately at least 8 pieces. In the company, they feel protected.

At the same time, their color becomes brighter, the males stand out in particular.

If there is a desire to get offspring, we must bear in mind that females mature for reproduction earlier than males. Therefore, it is better if males will initially be older than their girlfriends.

In feeding the fish unpretentious. They can eat any food that goes into the aquarium. It is important to remember that because of the small size of the fish can not swallow large pieces. This is especially true when owners want to pamper their players with live food.

Rasbor content

In their homeland, fish live in bodies of water with soft and acidic water, but at home trying to reproduce such a composition is not necessary. They perfectly adapt to any more or less suitable conditions.

In order for the fish to be healthy and develop properly, it is enough for them to provide a house with the characteristics listed below:

  • for a minimum flock, an aquarium of 40 to 50 liters is enough;
  • water hardness should be about 15, acidity from 6 to 8, temperature - about 28 degrees;
  • fish are very fond of dense thickets, so an abundance of algae is necessary. Fish will hide in them, especially in the period of habituation to a new habitat.But they also need open spaces, so they will have to work thoughtfully over the interior of the aquarium;
  • Not superfluous will be and floating on the surface of the plant or imitation of snags.

Despite the friendliness, choosing neighbors for pets should still try to find such species that will not accept small fishes as food.

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