Finger paints with your own hands for 10 minutes

DIY paints are our new theme. What baby does not like to swim! Playing in the bathroom is one of the most beloved activities of all children. And what if you still make fluffy bath paints? How to make paints with your own hands?

By incorporating classes in the bathroom into children's home schooling, we ensure the development of the child during an exciting and beloved gameplay.

 DIY paints

DIY paints

The tiled walls of the bathroom are a great place to paint with your hands directly on them. After the baby has finished playing, the walls are easy to wash. It is quite possible to use finger paints, sold in any children's store. And you can make unusual volumetric paints with your own hands from the things in every house: pieces of baby soap and food dyes (which can be successfully replaced with ordinary gouache or watercolor).

Sohow to make paints with your own hands?

There are two ways:

  • First, beat a piece of soap with a blender.
  • Second, melt it in a microwave, heating in which it itself turns into foam

 pour soap into a glass and pour it into a glass

After receiving a thick soap suds, add colors of different colors to it . Stir. That's all - you made the paints yourself!

 DIY paints 2

DIY paints 2

In order to make it easy for the child to play, fill up with dense cellophane bags, tie them up and cut one corner. Show the little artist how, using such a bag as a pastry bag, to put pictures on the walls.

Let the kid experiment, and if he gets bored, get involved in the activity, directing it to a useful channel, on the assumption that the child is able.

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