Flexible duct

is used in residential and commercial construction, where high sound insulation of noise in combination with increased elasticity of air duct is necessary. What is it for? Modern designs can have different configurations, the flight of imagination of designers today can be afforded, because a corrugation for ventilation solves all problems with the supply and exhaust air conditioning system. It is possible to pave the air flow with the “flexible air duct” system in any room of a different type of destination (warehouse, greenhouse, cottage, house, restaurant, pub, garage, outlet, shopping center, shop, MAF, etc.)

Why is it profitable?

The flexible duct is an ultra-lightweight design with high strength, durability, and wear resistance. The structure of the corrugations for ventilation fully explains all its advantages:

- high carbon steel wire is a frame

- metallized polyester tape - as a coating

- insulating glass wool layer as a noise absorbing and thermal protective shell (for insulated duct variants)

- water-based acrylic glue with additional flame retardant additives

As you can see, such components of ventilation devices perform the full role of the air paths (both for the removal of room air and for the arrival of fresh, cleaned outside). It is enough to connect a fan or pump, firmly fasten the corrugation for ventilation using aluminum tape or nylon clamps, stretch the product to the full length without jams, with support without sagging every 50 cm of the way (this can be done using the same clamps) wall or through the walls use an iron sleeve to prevent deformation, connect the outlet to the internal ventilation grille. To further get rid of air noise, select pre-insulated flexible ducts. They are characterized by the presence of an additional soft layer of wool on the surface.

, like the foil, has excellent performance stability in different climatic conditions, temperature graphs, chemically aggressive environments. It is very easy to replace the damaged area of ​​such ventilation - buy the desired length of the duct, fasten the ends with alumoscotch,ready! The main thing: to correctly calculate the characteristics of the air flow for the purchase of corrugation of the desired diameter.

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