Floor covering

From what floors you have, depends on the result of the repair. Existing defects and irregularities will affect the coating, especially if it is a linoleum. Parquet flooring will require their absolute evenness. It is possible to enumerate quite a lot of floor coverings, which should be laid on a quality foundation. Laying them quality will not work if you do not level the base. The finishing layer of the entire process of work is their screed. The reinforced concrete slab for the floor has two sides. One serves as a ceiling and has a flat surface embedded in the production process. The second - has a large number of irregularities and defects. This, perhaps, is the metal protrusions of the reinforcement, grooves and bulges. The screed can be done on the ground and wooden base. Preparatory work. To level up the defects of the reinforced concrete slab, you need to have a hatchet, scraper and a hair brush. Cut out all the bumps and protruding reinforcement. Dust off base plate and prime.Use in the composition of the primer of liquid glass modified with silicon dioxide, allows the composition to remain in its original state. Cover the plate with this solution, and you will be sure that you will not flood the neighbors of the lower floor. Cracks and grooves must be eliminated before you begin to fill with leveling mixtures. The choice of material for screed. Construction markets have a large selection of dry ready-mixes, supplemented with hardeners and plasticizers. Prepared sand and cement compounds in proportion, can be used for screeding. Dry mix “flat floors” will facilitate your work process, as it is self-leveling. Technology for making screed. Carry out screed, leveling floors, or pouring water and electric tape heating systems . For work, you must use beacons, installing them at a distance of no more than a meter. Using the level, make a mark on them, which will show the maximum level of filling the solution. Works lead from one of the walls, moving to the exit. Laying solution, it is necessary to level and tamp.You will receive quality floors if you use two types of mixes at the same time. The first one is for leveling, the second one is finishing. All compounds are based on cement. Therefore, they must be stored in a dry place and be guided by the recommendations indicated on the packaging.
 Floor screed
The life of dry mixes has a time limit. Divorced formulations change their consistency, so work is done immediately after they are combined with water. Self-leveling compounds are effective for small areas. They can exactly close the floor without beacons. When working with large areas, without them, the work is not done well. In the process of using conventional sand and cement compounds, it is necessary to stretch the cord over the entire floor area to the beacons in the places of marks made by the level. Finished floors are recommended to close with polyethylene, ensuring gradual hardening. Beacons should be fixed on the bottom of the floor using alabaster or thick cement mortar. Do not work at low or high temperatures.Cracked floors have a defect.
 Screed flooring
Using a semi-dry screed, you must follow the rules of technology. The mixture is laid, compacted and leveled. The control beacons with this method must be present. Do not trust your intuition, it can fail you. It is possible to add water by spraying it at the end of the whole process. The quality of work will not suffer from this. During the work, mortar beacons can be used. To do this, at the calculated level, throw in piles of the solution at the established mark, which should freeze. This method does not require the removal of holes left after pouring. Or, remove standard constructions from a liquid solution after tamping and leveling as it moves along the bottom of the floor.
 Floor-covering screed
In some cases, to ensure a thick layer of screed , use reinforced mesh. It will improve the quality of work. Compliance with the technology of work,Guided by the recommendations indicated on the packaging, you will be able to perform floor screed yourself. All further process on their flooring depends on it.

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