Flowers from threads in a homemade vase

Spring is not soon, and I want to decorate my apartment with at least some flowers. You can, of course, buy a half-dead cut plant in a flower shop that won't last a couple of days. And you can collect all your creative potential and make an original decoration for an apartment. We offer you a master class on making flowers from knitting yarns, which you can place in an unusual vase made from scrap materials. Prepare the following components for work: - yarn for knitting, two skeins of any color (for example, orange and red); - a piece of thick cardboard; - a tin can (it is possible from under coffee); - a piece of self-woven cloth; - a linen rope; - glue for fabric; - scissors; - wooden long skewers; - decorative elements (ribbons, appliqués from fabric).
 Prepare for work
Step 1. Getting Started making a decorative vase.Take a can and cut a piece of self-woven cloth (enough to wrap the entire container and slightly tuck inside).
 cut a piece of self-woven cloth
Glue the cut with using a glue for the fabric so that it completely covers the entire jar and tuck it inside the centimeter by 3-4. Wrap the bottom edge of the container with a linen rope (1/3 of a can) and tie a string around the top of the bow.
 tie a string with a bow
You can decorate a decorative vase with your own discretion. In the photo, these are two colored felt birds (you can also take a finished application).
 Decorate with a decorative vase
Step 2. Now turn to making flowers from knitting threads . First, you need to cut out two stencils from thick cardboard (as shown in the photo). One of them is large (9 cm in diameter), and the other is smaller (6 cm). As you can see, there are 8 small squares on the rings.
cut two stencils
For each flower you need to choose two shades that are suitable for the color scheme,but a little contrast. In the photo it is orange and red color. So, we take a small billet and a red thread and begin to form a flower. To do this, you need to twist the thread opposite squares. The thread should go to the "eight", crossing the center. You need to make 3-4 turns.
 pick up two shades
Now shift to the next small square and bind with a parallel one.
move to the next square
So you should get weaves through 4 pairs of squares. Turn the workpiece and secure the two ends of the working thread. It is necessary to tie up all the intersections of the threads, which turned out in the center of the circle. If you do not do this, they will disintegrate when you remove the coils from the stencil.
 Flip the blank
Remove the threads from each square. Here is such a flower.
 Remove the threads from each square
On the same principle, make a flower from an orange thread,only on a large stencil.
 make a flower out of an orange thread
Stick a small red flower onto a large one. A lush blank is coming out.
 Glue a small red flower
This flower is made of green and light green threads.
the flower turns out Total make 5 such blanks. You can multi-colored.
multicolored flowers
Step 3. We proceed to the formation of the composition. Put each flower on the sharp edge of a wooden skewer.
 composition formation
Put a napkin in a vase that will fix the flowers inside the container (you can attach them with plasticine).
composition formation
Fasten all the flowers in a vase. Such a bright composition is obtained.
 Flowers from threads in a homemade vase
And this bouquet is in the blue range.
 Flowers from threads in a homemade vase

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