Forged Flower Stand

Each owner of a personal plot or his own household, no doubt, wants his house to be different from the others, look solid and elegant. There are many ways to do this, but most of them, unfortunately, are expensive. Therefore, you can consider the design option of your site forged blanks. These are the elements that are harmoniously combined with any style and give a unique individuality. Until recently, such a decoration area was an expensive event. Recently, however, various elements of artistic forging have appeared on the market, which are quite inexpensive. And if you have a little imagination, you will add to your site aristocracy and grace. From the tools you will need: • electric welding machine with mask and electrodes; • grinder with cutting and grinding wheel; • hammer; • marker. And it is not necessary to be a professional welder and a blacksmith .Any small flaws in welding can be easily corrected by a grinder with a grinding wheel, and a wide variety of forged parts will save you from having to do forging. And now we will consider how to make a flower stand. Flower stand. Any hostess seeks to decorate her plot with flowers. And here it is very useful stand for pots of flowers. It is enough to take 4 elements, which are called currency.
flower stand
We connect them in pairs and you get the side walls.
flower stand
The place itself where the pots will stand can be made from any metal residue. In this case, taken trimming proftruby.
stand for flowers
Places where you can put pots, it turned out 3. Now using the squares connect the side walls, and we get a pretty stand .
flower stand
It remains to add that one forged currency item was purchased at a regular hardware store for 97 rubles. Thus, the stand will cost you 388 rubles.Agree, not so expensive!

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