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Fragile teeth

Hello! I am 39. From the moment of the teeth change in childhood, they immediately began to collapse — at 23 years old there were already bridges, now I am trying to contain the destruction of the front: the edges are all jagged. Pastes, vitamins inside do not change the situation especially. The teeth are rare, wide at the top - like a grandmother, and she is very good. teeth were lost early. Is there a chance to live up to 50 with your teeth?) Can there be any special vitamin-mineral complexes, new medicines, please advise?


Good afternoon. You need to consult a clinic. Since there is very little information. It is necessary to conduct an X-ray examination, to pass some tests. Aseismic, it is possible to assume that it can be a hereditary disease, it can also be in violation of calcium metabolism in the body, and maybe you had something serious in childhood and this just happened during the formation of teeth, and in particular enamel, to see hormones of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, it is from them that the bones and teeth suffer,a wrong bite can also lead to chipping of the teeth, lowering the height of the bite in the chewing section will certainly lead to chipping and trauma to the front teeth. It is necessary to identify the cause and only then prescribe treatment. As a measure of prevention and strengthening of teeth, we can offer a professional fluoridation system (not like smeared teeth). These are individually made mouthguards, in which fluorine preparations are applied and are placed on the teeth for 30 minutes.


And is dental fluoridation this treatment or is it helpful for everyone to do this for prevention?

It is necessary to approach everyone individually. For example, in dentistry, there is a disease fluorosis, it is associated with an increased accumulation of fluorine in the enamel of teeth, during the formation of tooth enamel. That's it they can not fluoridate teeth.

Fluoridation is a medical procedure and is done according to indications.

I have a similar situation, but I do not know where to turn. I will try to act on your advice

It is best to go to only one specialist, if you have already started treatment in one clinic. I also suffered with my teeth, something new is constantly coming out, until I decided to seriously address this issue.For three weeks I have been treated at Sarmedical Dentistry is very good, but specialists are masters in their work.

I also needed dentistry, so I decided to ask for advice from people who had turned to a dentist because it was the only way to find something that exactly builds, and so, they recommended this dental clinic to mehttp://www.sem-stom.ru/contacts/. I am more than confident that everything will suit you here, so take it on board.

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