Gas welding

Jewelry gas welding apparatus on ordinary water. Hydrogen, when mixed with air, forms an explosive mixture - the so-called detonating gas. The burning temperature of hydrogen is 2800 degrees. Celsius It is on these facts that this gas welding is collected. The basis of welding is the electrolyzer, which is charged with an alkali solution in water, i.e. The usual soda (sodium bicarbonate) and generates oxygen and hydrogen mixture, which ideally burns. This is how the finished unit may look like:
So, let's start with the assembly of the electrolyzer itself. We will need: 1. Stainless steel sheet (stainless steel) 2. Rubber or plastic 3. Plexiglas or as it is also called fiberglass 4. Bolts with nuts 5. Hermetic
6. Connecting fittings and nozzles Let's start. To start, cut the stainless steel plates

After this, in the plates it is necessary to drill holes for the circulation of the solution and the passage of gas between the compartments
Now let's cut the insulating plastic gaps, it is better to make them of rubber,but I did not have it and I used plastic and silicone sealant
It turned out not very elegant, the main thing is efficient. It remains to cut the lateral bases of plexiglass and you can start the assembly. To match the holes for the bolts, I recommend putting the two holes on the glass carefully and fix the two holes on the diagonal with screws, so when you drill the glass they will not move down
Now you can begin assembly. We start with plexiglass, apply sealant and put plastic on plastic with stainless steel with a bed, and so on, lubricating all the sealants as a result we have such solution compartments
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The most extreme plates need to be retracted so that the contacts can be fixed.
Due to, to put it mildly, errors in the calculations two bolts were not included. Before closing the upper compartment in the glass, it is necessary to make two holes at the top for the exit of gas and below for maintaining the level of the solution
Connect the bottom nozzle to the bottle,into which the solution will be poured and according to the principle of communicating vessels, the solution will fall into the compartments
Then you need to make a water seal. Since the cell emits a detonating gas, the flame can easily go through the tube and it will explode in just a fraction of a second. I thus lost three bottles of 0.5. And so in the plug is made two holes in one enters the tube of the cell and immersed in water. The burner tube is inserted into the second hole
A normal syringe, namely a needle, is used as a torch
The power supply uses a very powerful source of direct current, voltage calculation 2 volts per plate of stainless steel, current is not less than 7 A. The current is fed to the outer plates. Now it remains the easiest to prepare a solution. Ordinary soda is added to the water. Ideally, it is better to take NaOH (caustic sodium, caustic soda), but it is not so easy to find, the soda concentration is calculated by amperage. The current should be between 4 and 6 amperes (for ordinary soda). Before assembling an installation, remember that hydrogen is extremely explosive enough a small spark to cause an explosion.The temperature of hydrogen burning is high and therefore non-combustible gases that make up the air expand greatly and there is a very strong cotton for this reason, I was jammed twice in both ears and pulled out the bottom of three bottles.
That's all you can use.
Here's what happened to the ordinary capacitor. It is better to extinguish the burner by immersing it in water rather than turning off the power in this case.

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